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Season 2

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Season 2
Bea's Commercial promo 2.jpg
A promotional image for the season premiere.
Format: Animated children's show
Created by: Noah Z. Jones
No. of episodes:     TBA
Run time: 22 minutes (2 episodes)
Network: Disney Channel
Starring: Chelsea Kane
Kyle Massey
Justin Roiland
First aired: November 4, 2011
Last aired: May 17, 2013

The second season of Fish Hooks began on November 4, 2011 with "Bea's Commercial". It was announced by Disney Television Animation on December 8, 2010. [1]

Season Description[edit]

In the second season, stories will dive deeper into Bea, Milo and Oscar's friendship and their adventures at Freshwater High with their classmates including Jocktopus, Shellsea and Clamantha.

Upcoming episodes will introduce guest characters, including a new crush for Oscar, voiced by Felicia Day (The Guild), a Rat King outside the tanks voiced by Wallace Shawn (Toy Story, The Incredibles), Daniel's Dad voiced by John Randolph and a new marching band conductor voiced by Doug Brochu (So Random!). Season two will continue to follow best fish friends Bea, Milo and Oscar as they tackle everyday tween life from friendship, dating and sports, to more atypical situations like giant lobsters, babysitting an ornery catfish and learning to ride a bucking scorpion.

Main Characters and Cast[edit]

Character     Actor/Actress
Bea Goldfishberg Chelsea Kane
Milo Kyle Massey
Oscar Justin Roiland
Clamantha Alex Hirsch
Jocktopus Vandenbush John DiMaggio
Albert Glass Atticus Shaffer
Finberley Kimberley Mooney
Shellsea Kari Wahlgren
Esmargot & Koi Rachel Dratch
Jumbo Shrimp Steven Christopher Parker
I Daniel's Dad I John Randolph I-
Character     Actor/Actress
Principal Stickler Jeff Bennett
Mr. Baldwin & Bud Dana Snyder
Mr. Mussels Tiny Lister
Coach Salmons Richard Simmons
Mrs. Goldfishberg Edie McClurg
Norman Goldfishberg Noah Z. Jones
Dr. Frog Kevin McDonald


Main article: Episode Guide#Season 2
Episode Original Disney Channel US
broadcast date
Broadcast order
Bea's Commercial/Hairanoid November 4, 2011 1
Adventures in Fish-Sitting/Banned Band November 25, 2011 2
Halloween Haul/Milo on the Lam January 6, 2012 3
Merry Fishmas, Milo/Just One of the Fish January 20, 2012 4
Rock Lobster Yeti/Spoiler Alert January 27, 2012 5
Bea Dates Milo/Break Up Shake Down February 10, 2012 6
Oscar's Secret Admirer/Sixteen Clamandles February 24, 2012 7
So-fish-ticated/Milo and Oscar Move In June 8, 2012 8
Send Me an Angel Fish/Little Fish Sunshine July 6, 2012 9
All Fins on Deck / Cattlefish, Ho! July 13, 2012 10
Busy Bea: Rise of the Machines/Brothers' Day July 20, 2012 11
Guys' Night Out/Milo's Magical Shake September 7, 2012 12
Principal Bea September 21, 2012 13
Science Fair Detective Mystery/Fish at Work September 28, 2012 14
Bea Sneaks Out/Unfinished Doll Business October 5, 2012 15
Oscar is a Playa/Chicks Dig Vampires October 26, 2012 16
Fish Lips Sink Ships/Bea's Birthday Surprise November 9, 2012 17
Get a Yob!/Spiders Bite November 30, 2012 18
Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy/Fish Flakes January 11, 2013 19
Koi Story/Super Extreme Grandma Games to the Max February 15, 2013 20
See Bea Ski/Night at the Loxbury April 26, 2013 21
Fish Prom May 17, 2013 22


Season 2 (iTunes volumes 3 and 4)
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