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Milo and Oscar Move In

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"Milo and Oscar Move In"
"Oscar is a Playa"
"Milo and Oscar Move In"
Milo and Oscar Move In.png
Season: 2
Production code: 211b
Broadcast number: 61
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel premiere:
June 8, 2012
Disney Channel (UK) premiere:
September 15, 2012
Disney XD premiere:
October 5, 2012
Paired with
"So-fish-ticated" (production)

When Milo and Oscar's antics cause a break in their water filter, they need to find somewhere to stay that is less toxic, so out of the kindness of her heart (and slight pity) Bea offers up her tank to them as a temporary home. All is great and the newness of having her best friends as roomies is lots of fun - until their nonstop annoying behaviors and constant closeness end up causing Bea to question her sanity.

Episode Summary[edit]



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[Outside Milo and Oscar's tank]
Bea: Listen, if you stay out here, er, you're going to die.
Milo: Well, where else are we going to stay, Bea? The moon?

[Norman and Mrs. Goldfishberg are in the living room watching TV. Oscar enters, wearing a diaper on his head, having been dared by Bea and Milo to do it.]
Oscar: Mr and Mrs Goldfishberg? Me baby. Me have to use potty.


International Premieres[edit]

  • September 9, 2012 - Latin America ("Milo y Oscar se Mudan")


  • In the first scene outside Milo and Oscar's tank, the gunk in the tank has disappeared.
  • Milo writes on the sheet of paper that Norman gives him, but in the next scene, the writing has disappeared.

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