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Science Fair Detective Mystery

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"Send Me an Angel Fish"
"Science Fair Detective Mystery"
"Guys' Night Out"
"Science Fair Detective Mystery"
Science Fair Detective Mystery.png
Milo and Bea use the "scientific method".
Season: 2
Production code: 214a
Broadcast number: 56
Story by:
Nick Confalone
Neal Dusedau
Written by:
Neal Dusedau
Storyboards by:
Joe Johnston
Directed by:
C.H. Greenblatt
William Reiss
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel premiere:
April 13, 2012
Disney Channel (UK) premiere:
August 24, 2012
Disney XD premiere:
June 23, 2012
Paired with
"Fish at Work" (production)

After years of science fair mishaps, Oscar is finally ready to reveal his super-secret science fair project. Unfortunately, it gets stolen and his grade - and sanity are on the line. To keep their friend calm, Bea and Milo decide to play detective and scour the Freshwater halls for clues and suspects. They use their mystery drama detective skills to interrogate and find out what really happened to the "most amazing science fair project the school has ever seen".

Episode Summary[edit]

"It's not gonna explode is it?"[edit]

"What...happened to the lights?!"

At Freshwater High, it's the science fair. Randy Pincherson has a "Get Pinched for Science" project, Finberley has a "Cat Video" project and The Chovie Twins have a "Does it Float?" project. Oscar enters the gym, where the science fair is being held, with his project covered under a sheet. Oscar places it down onto a table and gulps. Milo and Bea come over to him, with Bea asking if that's his secret project. Milo lifts the sheet a tad, with Oscar stopping him before he can see the whole project. Oscar tells Milo "no peeksies!", but Milo says that he can't help it and he is so excited. Oscar is nervous, with Bea telling him he'll be great. Oscar thinks that there could be a project that could outdo his, though, for example, Jumbo's project. His project is a Time Machine, which fails. Oscar wants things to be better than what happened in the past. Oscar flashbacks to kindergarten, where all the guppies are staring at Oscar's volcano. However, it explodes. Later on in Oscar's life while he is wearing braces, possibly because of the explosion of the volcano, he unveils a Solar System model, which also explodes. And later on, Oscar's project is tofu, which to his delight, does not explode. When he "phews", it does explode, however. Back in the present, Milo tells Oscar to not worry, and also tells him he's the smartest fish he knows, after Albert, Jumbo, and the fish that smells like peanut butter. Bea tells Oscar that the point is that whatever happens, the two have got his back. Dr. Frog floats in from above, and lands in Oscar's hair. Oscar asks Dr. Frog what he's doing, and Dr. Frog says he's looking at Oscar's science project, and it's fascinating and there's a whole world in there. However, Dr. Frog is talking about inside Oscar's hair, not his project. Oscar tells him that his project is out in the gym, which causes Dr. Frog to float to the ground, saying "Well, let's see it!". Oscar tells everyone that he's been anticipating this moment all year, and tells them to prepare themselves for the greatest scientific spectacle the likes of which they've never seen. A fish asks if it's going to explode. Oscar tells the fish that he cannot guarantee it, and then reveals his project from under the sheet - a potato clock, which Jocktopus takes a photo of. Milo says it's so magical, while in tears, Finberley tells the potato clock that she loves it and finally Albert tells Oscar it's ingenius, by using the potato as a battery. Milo shouts that Oscar's invention is going to change the world, before hugging one of the potatoes. Bea tells Milo that clocks already exist, however Milo takes no notice of Bea's comment, saying that clocks do exist now. Dr. Frog thinks that everyone will all agree that Oscar's project is the best project the school has seen in years. Dr. Frog pulls out a "#1" ribbon, and says that he will present Oscar with the award for -, and just then the lights go out. Dr. Frog asks what happened to the lights. Footsteps can be heard approaching the fishes and walking away from the fishes, and when they stop, the lights are switched back on, and everyone gasps at the fact that Oscar's project has been stolen. Oscar is upset by this, and Dr. Frog tells Oscar that with no project, he will be given a LAST PLACE ribbon, which has an "F" on it. Oscar yells "Noooooooooooo!", with Jocktopus taking a picture of Oscar doing so. Milo slaps Oscar a few times on the face, telling him to "keep it together", and that "we can figure this out". However, Milo then asks Bea how do "we figure this out", and Bea says that whoever stole the clock must still be in the gym, which means it could be anyone in the gym who stole it. Bea asks Dr. Frog for some more time to solve the mystery, and Dr. Frog says that the three have until the end of the day to show whatever they come up with. Oscar can't believe it, the one time it doesn't blow up in his face, this happens. Bea tells Oscar not to worry, as she and Milo are going to solve the mystery. Bea doesn't want to brag about it, but she reveals that she has watched a lot of mystery dramas in the past, making her the perfect detective. Milo says that he would make the perfect sandwich.

"You saw who took Oscar's project. Tell us, or you're baked, clam!"[edit]

"You mean you have to grow them?!"

At the light switch, Bea tells Milo that whoever stole the project, must have switched the lights off from there. The two then spot a fin-print on the wall. Bea spots a tissue on the floor, which prompts Bea to think that whoever the "perp" is, they may have a cold. Bea thinks it's pretty cool how she used the word "perp", and then Milo says he knows just what to do with the tissue, which is now in a bag - throw it into a shredder. Bea shouts at Milo, saying that the tissue was an important piece of evidence, and wonders why there is a shredder in the gym. Milo asks Bea if she's that naive, and says that their best friend needs their help, and she shouldn't spend time sifting through garbage. Bea asks Milo what he suggests. On top of the bleachers, Clamantha is looking for Oscar through binoculars. She then is frightened by Milo, who is looking through the other end of the binoculars. Clamantha claims that Milo nearly shed the shell off of her. Milo tells Clamantha that she saw who took Oscar's project. Milo tells her that she can either tell them, or she's going to be baked. Bea breaks the two up, telling Milo there's no need to "batter the buybalve", the two can do the interrogations without resorting to violence. Bea is nice to Clamantha, saying that she's always spying on Oscar and asks Clamantha if she witnessed who took Oscar's potato clock. Clamantha says that she saw something - doing her thing while riding a unicorn on a rainbow. Up came Oscar, and Clamantha said that he looked so good. Oscar asks Clamantha if she's interested in a round of 'kissy face'. First, Oscar prepares his body, juggling dumbbells and Clamantha. Back in reality, Milo says "Hot", with Bea telling Milo that none of that really happened. Milo groans, and Clamantha says that the part where Albert took the potato clock happened. Bea and Milo have got their evidence, and nod. In the hallway, Oscar swims up to Bo Gregory, who is about to open his locker. Oscar tells Bo that he needs another potato for his project right away. Bo tells Oscar not to worry, and he opens his locker. When he does so, a flower bed zooms out. Oscar is impressed, and asks Bo where the potatoes are. Bo tells Oscar they're right there, and he waters some soil. Oscar asks Bo if you have to grow them, with Bo saying that it is nature's way. Oscar shouts that it's going to take forever, with Jocktopus taking a picture of Oscar doing that. Oscar asks Jocktopus what is he doing, and he tells Oscar that 'nerd fish' is upset and stressed, and that he takes pictures because it is funny. Oscar screams and swims down the hallway. Back in the gym, Albert is pouring a chemical into a test tube. It makes a tiny explosion, and he giggles. Underneath his table, Bea and Milo are there, listening. Bea tells Milo to listen to him, and that behind his adorable facade, he is a criminal mastermind. Bea asks Milo if he's ready, and Milo says that he calls good cop. Bea tells Milo that she can't be bad cop with Albert, because it doesn't feel right. Milo solves the problem - both of them should be good cop. Bea agrees, and the two swim up to Albert. Both of them grab Albert and kiss him twice. Albert asks the two what's going on, and Bea tells Albert that she knows what's going on - his sweater vest. Bea spots a wrinkle, and pulls it off Albert and irons it. Milo then grabs Albert and tells him that he's going to help him relax. Milo massages Albert, and when he finds that Albert has a lot of stress on his mind, he massages his head - by squashing it. Later on, Albert is lying in a deck chair, while Bea holds a plate with a bunch of grapes on it and Milo holds a plate with cupcakes on it. Albert tells the two that they have been so nice, and asks if there's anything he can do for them. Bea tells Albert that their is one thing, and Bea asks him what he did with Oscar's science project, while closing in on Albert. Albert says that he wasn't him, and Bea asks Milo what he thinks. Milo thinks that Albert could do with some more cupcakes. Milo shoves a cupcake into Albert's mouth. Bea tells Albert that it's time to confess, and Albert swears that he doesn't know who took Oscar's project. Milo shouts "More cupcake" and shoves the rest of the cupcakes into Albert's mouth. Bea tells Milo that Albert must be telling the truth, and that must mean that they've failed.

"What? What's with all the math?"[edit]

Jocktopus pulls out the potato clock after being busted.

At a table, Oscar has a pile of books aside as he works on his new project. Oscar tells himself that he has two minutes to come up with a project, and that he can do this. Bea and Milo float upto Oscar. Bea says hi, and Oscar immediately hugs them, thinking that the two have found his project. Oscar shouts to everyone that Bea and Milo have found his project, which causes everyone to swim immediately upto Oscar's desk. Oscar tells Bea and Milo to tell everyone how they solved the mystery. Bea and Milo stall and Milo then shouts that they didn't find the project. Oscar falls flat on his face, and Bea and Milo swim upto him, asking him if he's OK. Oscar says that it's no big deal, and that he'll just be a failure for the rest of his life. Oscar pulls out the 'F' ribbon from his hair, and Jocktopus takes a photo of him wearing it. Jocktopus laughs and tells 'Nerd Fish' to smile. Oscar swims off, with Milo saying that the two blew it and that they are the worst friends ever, while Bea gathers anger from inside. Bea tells Milo that there has to be a method they haven't tried. Milo tells Bea that they need some kind of scientific method, and she tells Milo that's what they should use. While Milo questions the fact that the scientific menthod exists, Bea tells him to focus, and wonders what the variable is. The two think, and mathematic equations start floating around them. The rest of the fish in the gym look upto the equations. Clamantha holds some pictures in her mouth, and shouts "What with all the math". The equations disappear. Bea asks Clamantha why she accused Albert, as there is no way he could have taken the potato clock, let alone lift it. Albert raises his arms, and the middle of them both fall down. Clamantha starts "erm"ing, and Milo spots that Clamantha has some pictures in her mouth. Clamantha say they are nothing, as Bea and Milo look at them. The pictures are of Oscar with his project, taken earlier that day. The two immediately look at Jocktopus and approach him. Bea asks Jocktopus why he is suddenly into photography, and he says that 'Jocktopus has his hobbies'. Bea tells him her hypothesis - Jocktopus saw Bea and Milo snooping around and paid Clamantha with pictures of Oscar so she would frame Albert, and that Jocktopus did all this to cover up the fact that he stole the potato clock. Everyone "Oooo"s, with Mr. Baldwin asking whether this is supposed to be a surprise. Jocktopus tells Bea that 'Girl Fish' can't prove anything, and Bea tells Jocktopus that she thinks she can. Milo grabs Jocktopus' tentacle, and presses his suction against the wall. It matches the fin-print that Bea and Milo saw earlier. Milo tells Jocktopus that it is a match, and Jocktopus is busted. He then pulls the potato clock out from his back, with Oscar asking him why he did it. Jocktopus reveals his project, which is the effects of ruining science fair projects on Nerd Fish. He has a piece of card with pictures of Oscar being stressed on it. Jocktopus thinks it is so wonderful, and that it brings tears to his eyes. Jocktopus wipes the tears away with a tissue, which lands on the floor. Bea and Milo high-fin, and Oscar asks the two how he can thank them. Milo shouts that he and Bea are his best friends, and Bea says that they always have his back. Dr. Frog floats in, saying that it has been an interesting turn of events. Jocktopus and Oscar, for the best combined scientific project of the year, win a 1st place ribbon. Jocktopus yells his name, with Oscar following by yelling his name. Bea tells everyone not to forget, and this is all thanks to the wonders of science. As soon as everyone yells "Science", the potato clock explodes, leaving everyone shocked, still in their celebratory positions.


Snake and Mouse are on computers in their tank. Mouse says that her blog has got over 1 million hits. Snake says that she's checked the blog nearly 1 million times. She bangs her head on the keyboard a few times to refresh the page.


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[Milo is next to the potato clock.]
Milo: This invention is going to change the world.
[Milo hugs one of the potatoes and Bea swims up to him.]
Bea: Ur, Milo, you do know clocks already exist?
Milo: They do now!

[Through binoculars, Clamantha is looking for Oscar, but instead looks upon several students and their science projects.]
Clamantha: Hmm. Where are you?
[Clamantha is on top of the bleachers with binoculars]
Clamantha: Where are you my little cauliflower?
[Clamantha looks back into the binoculars, and rests on the view of Milo looking through them angrily. Clamantha jumps back.]
Clamantha: You nearly shed the shell off of me!
[Milo points at Clamantha continuously.]
Milo: You saw who took Oscar's project!
[Milo grabs Clamantha and looks in her eyes.]
Milo: Tell us, or you're baked, clam!
[Bea swims up to them.]
Bea: Woah, Milo!


  • This episode premiered during Disney Channel US's Whodunnit weekend, and premiered during Disney Channel UK's Whodunit Friday as well.
  • This episode is the only episode which aired during Block 7 in the United Kingdom with any promotional adverts.

International Premieres[edit]

  • April 13, 2012 - United States
  • June 3, 2012 - Latin America ("Ciencia de un Misterio del Detective de la Feria")
  • August 24, 2012 - United Kingdom
  • September 15, 2012 - Turkey

Voice Credits[edit]

Chelsea Kane as Bea
Kyle Massey as Milo
Justin Roiland as Oscar
Maxwell Atoms as Bo Gregory
Jane Carr as Dan & Ann Chovie
John DiMaggio as Jocktopus & Heckler
Alex Hirsch as Clamantha
Kevin McDonald as Dr. Frog
Kimberley Mooney as Finberley
Steven Christopher Parker as Jumbo Shrimp
Atticus Shaffer as Albert Glass
Dana Snyder as Mr. Baldwin


A split second before Jocktopus' next picture.
  • When the picture of Oscar sliding down the hallway is seen, when the flash of Jocktopus' next picture is shown, the background of the 'sliding picture' changes and Oscar looks like he is sliding onto the edge of the picture.

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