Little Fish Sunshine

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"Oscar is a Playa"
"Little Fish Sunshine"
"All Fins on Deck"
"Little Fish Sunshine"
Little Fish Sunshine.png
Season: 2
Production code: 208b
Broadcast number: 63
Story by:
Derek Evanick
Diana Lafyatis
Written & Storyboarded by:
Derek Evanick
Diana Lafyatis
Directed by:
William Reiss
C.H. Greenblatt
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel premiere:
July 6, 2012
Disney Channel (UK) premiere:
September 29, 2012
Disney XD premiere:
October 6, 2012
Paired with
"Send Me an Angel Fish" (production)

The Little Fish Sunshine beauty pageant has come to Freshwater and the girls all rush to enter after they hear Brandon Bubbler will be crowning the winner. Bea Goldfishberg is especially bent on winning and meeting her "future husband", Brandon, so she enlists Milo's help after learning that he used to be a superstar in the baby pageant world.

Episode Summary[edit | edit source]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This title was listed on Time Warner Cable - Fish Hooks as "Little Sunshine".
  • This episode is also known by the title, "The Beauty Contest".
  • This episode gathered 2.785 million viewers, the first time that a Fish Hooks episode has beaten Phineas and Ferb, whose episode "Doofapus" gathered 2.688 million viewers, in the ratings.
  • For some reason, this episode holds a copyright date of 2010 in the credits, despite being produced in either 2011 or 2012.

International Premieres[edit | edit source]

  • Denmark - June 2012
  • Turkey - September 5, 2012
  • United Kingdom - September 29, 2012

Voice Credits[edit | edit source]

Chelsea Kane as Bea
Kyle Massey as Milo
Justin Roiland as Oscar
Jeff Bennett as TV Announcer 2, Male Crowd Member
Jennifer Coolidge as Ms. Lips
Rachel Dratch as Esmargot & Koi
Alex Hirsch as Clamantha, Security Guard
Tiny Lister as Mr. Mussels
Tress MacNeille as Bassy, TV Announcer 1
Vanessa Marshall as Female Crowd Member
Kimberley Mooney as Finberley
Richard Simmons as Coach Salmons
Kari Wahlgren as Shellsea and Kayla Brookse

Goofs[edit | edit source]

  • The viewer can hear cheering for the girl that comes on stage after Bea in the gown competition, but no-one is cheering in the shot.
  • When Clamantha says "Hey, Oscar", her lipstick is white. When Bea comes onto the stage, and Clamantha rolls off into the dressing rooms, she is wearing pink lipstick.
  • When the scene cuts to the message received by Bea from Brandon Bubbler, she is reading the message to Milo and Oscar despite not opening her mouth.

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