Brothers' Day

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"Brothers' Day"
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"Brothers' Day"
Brothers' Day.png
Milo's message to Oscar.
Season: 2
Production code: 210b
Broadcast number: 66
Story by:
Nick Confalone
Neal Dusedau
Megan McCarthy
Tim McKeon
Written & Storyboarded by:
Derek Evanick
Diana Lafyatis
Directed by:
C.H. Greenblatt
William Reiss
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel premiere:
July 20, 2012
Disney Channel (UK) premiere:
October 6, 2012
Disney XD premiere:
August 4, 2012
Paired with
"Busy Bea: Rise of the Machines" (production)

After seeing the Joe brothers get into a huge fight, Milo gets nervous that one day that might happen to him and Oscar, so he creates a holiday dedicated to celebrating their friendship. Meanwhile, Bea winds up in detention with a relationship troubled Jocktopus and Piranhica.

Episode Summary[edit | edit source]

"Happy Brothers' Day, bro!"[edit | edit source]

"The boys get the day off for making up a fake holiday?"

Outside Freshwater High, Oscar is playing Cookie Carpenter Cousins on his Video Boy, while Bea reads a magazine. Milo keeps telling Oscar what do to, which annoys him, but Milo exlains that he's just trying to help. After Bea complains to the boys that no-one looks good in high-waisted pants, Headphone Joe's brother, Bandana Joe begins an argument with him about him stealing his sneakers. Headphone Joe then adds that Bandana Joe stole some of his money. When Bandana Joe threatens to tell the two's mother about this, Headphone Joe begins a fight with him. The two both say that they are not brothers anymore, with Milo taking it literally. Bea explains to Milo that they're still brothers, but they hate each other. Milo thinks it's terrible, and Oscar tells him that these things happen. Milo then asks Oscar if the two could have a fight as well. Oscar explains to Milo that that would never happen to them. In class, Milo tries to explain to Oscar that every day, the two could be drifting further apart, and then one morning he could wake up and Oscar wouldn't be there. Mr. Baldwin tells Milo and Oscar that he's trying to tell the class the difference between sour cream and cream cheese. Milo continues, saying that the two need some time to work on their brotherly bond, and how to remember how important they are to each other. Mr. Baldwin asks Milo if he has something he would like to share with the class, and Milo then announces that the next day is an official holiday, named "Brothers' Day", where brothers spend time together. Mr. Baldwin thinks that it is a beautiful idea, because he has 8 older sisters, and would've traded all of them for a brother. Mr. Baldwin tells Milo and Oscar to cherish what they have and they can have the next day off to enjoy the holiday. Bea is shocked that Mr. Baldwin gave Milo and Oscar the day off because of a made-up holiday, so she tells Mr. Baldwin that the next day is "National Headband Day", and she needs to take the day off too. This backfires, however: Mr. Baldwin gives Bea detention for making up a fake holiday. On Brothers' Day, Milo is woken up by Oscar, who wishes him a happy Brothers' Day and gives Milo his breakfast. Oscar goes to clean the bathroom, but opening the door, he finds that the bathroom is clean. Having cleaned the bathroom, Milo wishes Oscar a happy Brothers' Day. At the park, Milo and Oscar play baseball, fly a kite, jump rope, and play mini-golf. Milo and Oscar also swim on an eel and get their picture taken. They also draw their pictures on a wall, all of this while singing "Brother Love is Magic".

"Oscar deserves the best! I'm gonna serve him an endless buffet of loving!"[edit | edit source]

Oscar eats a piece of the pancake, while Milo looks at him, making Oscar feel uncomfortable.

In detention, while Mr. Baldwin is asleep, Jocktopus tells Piranhica that he didn't say he didn't like her hair, he said that it didn't look any different from any other day. Piranhica replies, saying that it does, and she has highlights, and that Jocktopus doesn't care enough to notice. Piranhica tells Bea to tell Jocktopus that she's not talking to him again. Bea tells Piranhica that it could be too drastic, which causes Piranhica to shout to Bea to tell her to butt out. Bea then gets a call from Milo. Milo tells Bea that Oscar is amazing and he really, really, really, really, really, really, really likes him. Milo tells Bea that he loves Oscar, but he thinks he should do more for him. Bea tells Milo that whatever he's doing is fine, however, he thinks Oscar deserves the best, and is going to serve Oscar an endless buffet of loving. Milo hangs up on Bea, and just at that moment in detention, Piranhica throws something and causes a loud crash, which causes Mr. Baldwin to wake up and gives Bea more detention for talking on her cell phone. In Milo and Oscar's tank, Milo has prepared a surprise for Oscar. When Oscar is un-blind-folded, all he sees is a load of junk on the couch, which contains, according to Milo, presents for Oscar. There is a tire, which looks like an "O" for "Oscar", and a flashlight (which doesn't work), because Oscar lights up Milo's life. Oscar tries to avoid disappointing Milo, so instead of telling him that the gifts are awful, he tells him that the gifts are really nice. Milo tells Oscar that he's glad Oscar likes the gifts, because there's more. Milo serves Oscar lunch, which is a pancake that looks like a face, with orange slices forming the hair. Oscar tells Milo that 'it's cute', before Milo gives him a fork and tells him to "Eat him." Oscar eats a piece of the pancake, while Milo looks lovingly at Oscar. Oscar has swallowed the piece of pancake, so Milo says "Eat some more," pressuring Oscar to eat the bacon mouth. Later, Oscar is finished in the shower. When Oscar swims out, Milo is there holding a towel, making Oscar scream. Milo wants to towel Oscar off, but Oscar tells Milo that he's got it. Later in the living room, Oscar is playing on his Video Boy when Milo comes up to him and asks if he wants his toenails clipping. Oscar says "No thanks", and swims into the bedroom. Much to his surprise, Milo is already waiting there, and wants to moisturize Oscar's shoulders. Oscar says "I'm good", and rushes into his wardrobe. Milo is there, wanting to floss Oscar's teeth. Milo follows Oscar into the living room, and asks him whether he can do his homework, with Oscar saying no. Milo will not give up trying to show his love, causing Oscar to go crazy.

"He created "Brothers' Day", so we could be together. And I just pushed him away!"[edit | edit source]

Oscar tries to get Milo's attention, who is on the bus.

In detention, Piranhica asks Jocktopus to close his eyes, and tell her what color her sweater is. Meanwhile, Bea is drawing a picture of Jocktopus and Piranhica being eaten by a shark. Bea finishes coloring in the picture, and then Oscar peers into the room and tells Bea that he needs to talk. Bea tells Oscar that she's not supposed to leave the detention room. Oscar, however, does not acknowledge what Bea has said, and tells Bea that Milo is taking Brothers' Day way too far. Oscar continues to complain about Milo to Bea, while Milo is listening from an adjoining hallway. Bea gives Oscar some advice - to tell Milo how you feel. Oscar agrees with Bea, and swims off to give it a try. Bea is about to enter the detention room again, but the whole time Bea was talking to Oscar, Mr. Baldwin had been standing by the door. Mr. Baldwin gives Bea more detention, and Bea exclaims "I hate Brothers' Day". When Oscar gets to his and Milo's tank, Milo is no-where to be seen. Oscar swims down into the bedroom, and finds a note, which reads "Dearest Oscar, I am sorry for all the trouble I have caused. I wanna give you the space to desire, and that is why I am leaving. I only hope that this will make you happy, as this is all I have ever wanted. I'd also like to say that -" Oscar tells himself that he has to get Milo back, so he rushes to find Milo, asking The Chovie Twins, Shellsea and Ms. Lips if they have seen him. Ms. Lips comments that when her cat left her, he got on a bus. Oscar rushes to the Bus Station, and finds Milo boarding a bus. Oscar tries to get Milo's attention by shouting his name, but he cannot swim any further and the bus travels off. That night, Oscar floats alone, hearing the sounds of brothers enjoying themselves. Oscar sits on a bench, and tells himself that all Milo wanted was for him to be happy, and that he created Brothers' Day, so the two could spend time together, but he just pushed him away. Oscar starts crying, and wishes he could apologize to Milo. In the background, a bus pulls up. Milo alights it, and approaches the bench. Oscar wishes Milo could be there next to him (or slightly behind him), so he could tell him what an amazing a brother he was. Milo tells Oscar that he thinks he's amazing too, and Oscar then hugs him, exclaiming "You came back!", with Milo replying "Of course I did". Oscar tells him that he thought he had gone away forever and Milo tells him that he was just selling some of his possessions at the Flea Market so he could buy another Video Boy and play Cookie Carpenter Cousins by himself, and not bother Oscar. Milo gets that Oscar needs his own space, and he got another Video Boy because he wanted to make Oscar happy. Milo tells Oscar that he explained it all to him in the note, but Oscar tells him that the note was a little unclear. Oscar and Milo hug, with Oscar realizing that the two are not like the Joe brothers anymore. Milo points out that the Joe brothers are nuts, while the brothers fight across from the bench. Back in detention, Jocktopus and Piranhica have resolved their problems, while Bea is bored at her desk. Milo and Oscar sneak into the room, and tell her that the two have had a wonderful Brothers' Day, but there was something missing, Bea. The two make Bea their honorary brother, and when they all celebrate, Mr. Baldwin wakes up and gives the three detention, much to their delight.

Credits[edit | edit source]

Mouse hears that if someone drinks soda and a piece of candy at the same time, they'll explode. Snake tells Mouse that it's an urban legend, so Mouse dares Snake to drink the soda and eat the candy. Snake doesn't explode, but turns into a unicorn, and Snake tells Mouse that this is what happens to snakes when they drink soda.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

[In the dining room, Oscar is at the table. Milo places a plate on the table, with a lid covering it.]
Milo: Lunch is served!
[Milo lifts the lid. Oscar's face expression changes. On the plate there is a pancake which looks like a face. There are orange slices at the edge of the plate.]
Pancake: Yo!

Notes[edit | edit source]

Voice Credits[edit | edit source]

Chelsea Kane as Bea
Kyle Massey as Milo
Justin Roiland as Oscar
John Caparulo as Headphone Joe & Bandana Joe
Jane Carr as Dan Chovie & Ann Chovie
Jennifer Coolidge as Ms. Lips
John DiMaggio as Jocktopus & Pancake
Laura Ortiz as Pirahnica
Dana Snyder as Mr. Baldwin
Kari Wahlgren as Shellsea

Goofs[edit | edit source]

Brother love hair goof.PNG
  • Twice during the song, Milo's hair is in the wrong place.

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