Traffic Jam

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"Traffic Jam"
"Traffic Jam"
Traffic Jam.png
Mr. Baldwin watches Bea, Milo and Oscar travelling on a hermit crab.
Season: Shorts
Production code: 005
Broadcast number:
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel premiere:
December 18, 2010
Disney Channel (UK) premiere:

Milo, Bea and Oscar hold up the traffic by travelling on a Hermit Crab.

Short Summary[edit | edit source]

Several of the fish are stuck in their vehicles, held up by a traffic jam. Mr. Baldwin is extremely annoyed and goes to see what's causing the hold up. After some complaints from fish he passes on the way to find out what the hold up is, Mr. Baldwin discovers that the cause of the hold up is a hermit crab, which Milo, Oscar and Bea are riding. The three are all waiting for the hermit crab to start moving again. It does start moving again, but very slowly, and so does the traffic. The three celebrate the hermit crab carrying them along, while Mr. Baldwin looks on, expressionless. As soon as he decides to go back to his vehicle, the traffic stops thanks to the hermit crab which has stopped moving once more. While Milo cheers the hermit crab on, Oscar mentions that he really needs a driver's license.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Voice Credits[edit | edit source]

There were no voice credits for this short, and this is a list of voice actors and the characters they voice in the short.
Chelsea Staub as Bea
Kyle Massey as Milo
Justin Roiland as Oscar
"Traffic Jam"
Rachel Dratch as Koi
Maxwell Atoms as Bo Gregory
Dana Snyder as Mr. Baldwin
John Caparulo as Headphone Joe
Tiny Lister as Mr. Mussels
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