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Exterior of the school.
Some of Freshwater High's students and faculty.

Freshwater High is a high school for fish in Bud's Pets. Many fish including Bea, Milo and Oscar attend.

Description[edit | edit source]

Freshwater High is the un-ideal school for teen fishes. The principal is Nurse Fishington, who used to be the assistant to the former principal, Stickler. It is set over at least three floors, all of which with tons of lockers. The teachers consist of a woodshop teacher, a gym teacher, a drama teacher and a multi-subject teacher. The school has a lot of clubs, a football team and a basketball team.

History[edit | edit source]

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Season 1[edit | edit source]

When Bea got her yearbook photo taken, and she didn't like it, she ordered the yearbook editor Clamantha to not include it in the yearbook. Clamantha refused to do so, and Bea decided to get the photo back before publishing. Bea and Milo sneaked into the yearbook room, where after being told the password by Clamantha's distractor Oscar, got past the locked entrance to the room where the photos were being stored. Milo tripped over one of Clamantha's tripwires put in place to presumably deter unwanted visitors, and then became frightened. He eventually set all of the traps off, and Bea had to save Milo by swimming over to him, catching him, and swimming throughout the various traps. Because of this, the photo-storage room entrance hallway had been damaged. Bea got hold of the photo, but Milo found that there was nothing wrong with it; it was just a normal picture of Bea. After Milo's kind words, Bea hugged him and they left the yearbook room. ("Bea Stays in the Picture")

Milo attended one of the school's football team tryouts once, and became water boy, much to his disappointment. Milo quit the team, but when he realized, with help from Oscar and his pie chart, that once he quit, part of the team had gone, he rushed to Freshwater High to help his team. There was no-one there apart from the janitor, who told Milo that the team were playing against the Geckos. Milo used the help of the downwards-spraying water in his container to help him get over to the tank and help his dehydrated team. With the help from Milo, the Freshwater Fish Hooks won the game. ("Underwater Boy")

Students lined up to give their presents to Jocktopus.

The school bully, Jocktopus, held his birthday 'party' in the school's cafeteria. Students were told to bring a present or they would be beaten up. Bea, Milo and Oscar couldn't think of anything to give to Jocktopus, so they got some money. But when one student gave Jocktopus money, he became angry at receiving 'worthless paper' for his birthday. Milo, Bea and Oscar panicked, and Milo and Bea, afraid of getting beat up, pushed Oscar towards Jocktopus - he being his birthday present. Oscar helped Jocktopus with his daily bullying, and came up with the idea of printing out a picture of Jocktopus' next victim. One day, it was Milo and Bea, and Oscar pleaded with Jocktopus not to beat them up, and only stopped him from doing so at the last minute - Oscar held up a picture of Jocktopus, saying that he was his next victim, not Milo and Bea. Oscar got out of being Jocktopus' birthday present and became friends with Oscar and Bea again. ("Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus")

Bea became tired of her mother controlling everything she does, so she decided to become an adult and work for Fish Flakes Incorporated. She flew above Freshwater High once and took off some of the roof, leaving part of Mr. Baldwin's classroom exposed. ("Bea Becomes an Adult Fish")

Bea's parents signed up to become chaperones for the Student Council's school dance, much to Bea's horror. Bea came up with the idea of holding a fake dance at the retirement home so her parents couldn't embarrass her at the real school dance. Bea became tired of swimming from one place to another, and ended up being covered in mud when she took a 'jungle' path. Bea was voted Homecoming Queen, but the student council said they may have to give someone else the title, when Bea came into the hall covered in mud. Bea's parents found out about the fake dance after all the seniors at the retirement home fell asleep, and Bea apologized to them. In addition, Bea gave her title as Homecoming Queen to her parents. ("Queen Bea")

Milo was told by Mr. Baldwin once that he may need to be held back if he doesn't pass the next test. Bea and Oscar tell Milo that fish are forgotten about if they don't stay in the same grade as their friends - like Kevin, who none of them remember as he was held back - and the two help Milo study for the test. The two learn that Milo learns best when he's in danger, so Bea and Oscar teach Milo everything he needs to know for the test, during life-threatening situations. Milo only just passed the test, which meant that the three could remain friends. ("Fail Fish")

Oscar decided that he should try to get a better sense of humor when he doesn't find things funny but everyone else does. His sense of humor resulted in Oscar winning the Most Popular Student award. Unfortunately, Oscar's new sense of humor also resulted in him getting beat up by Jocktopus, when he fell down in the hall and Oscar laughed at something else; Jocktopus thinking that Oscar was laughing at him. When Oscar was getting beat up, everyone around laughed at Jocktopus, causing him to drop Oscar and swim off in tears. ("Funny Fish")

Milo and Oscar once thought that their teacher Mr. Baldwin looked and acted similar to Captain Aquarium, a character in a comic book series. Bea joined the two, as she was given a journalism assignment and needed a good scoop. After a while, and after the three and Mr. Baldwin were put into a life-threatening situation, the three discovered that Mr. Baldwin wasn't a superhero, but he went along with the story anyway to help Bea with her journalism assignment. ("Baldwin the Super Fish")

Milo found a Siamese fighting fish once, and used him to help get back at Jocktopus; he was sick of Jocktopus bullying everyone. Milo used the fish's skills to help him become sheriff of Freshwater High - which is where Milo went too far, as he was told later, by all of the fish who Milo put in separate fish bowls because they did bad things. Milo eventually understood this, and as revenge, the Freshwater High students put Milo in a fish bowl on his own. ("Milo Gets a Ninja")

Albert Glass got dropsy once and was sent to the nurse's room, where he was placed into a different tank where he could get treatment without infecting any other fish. Milo wanted the attention that Albert got, so he faked having the disease and got more attention than Albert. Albert became less unwell over the course of a few weeks, and was back to his normal self after that amount of time. Milo still wanted attention, so he continued to fake the disease. Unfortunately, if a fish is still unwell after a few weeks, they get sent to a dropsy tank where all the fish who didn't get rid of the disease go. Milo was sent there, and became horrified at the living conditions. ("Dropsy!")

Milo joined Bea in Coach Salmons' exercise class, where he found he was the weakest fish. He enlisted Jumbo Shrimp to help him become big and strong, and did so, with Jumbo introducing him to the Big Tank, where fish grow bigger than they were originally; Jumbo used this tank once, when known as 'Shrimp Shrimp' and inadvertently became bigger. Milo used this tank several times to become even bigger and stronger, but once he fell asleep and grew the size of the tank. He tried to get out of the tank, and in the process, he smashed it. He walked towards the Freshwater High tank, where Principal Stickler ordered his 'secret army' to fire at Milo - thinking the school was in danger. Once told this giant was a student, Stickler ordered his 'secret army' to stop firing. Milo told his friends about what happened and they agreed to shrink him down again, using the Shrink Tank. ("Big Fish")

Oscar once joined the goth fish at Freshwater High after a disastrous poetry reading. When Oscar realized he couldn't leave his friends, he became his normal self again. ("The Dark Side of the Fish")

The boys and the girls disagreed once on what design the Homecoming Float should be, so they each built their own: the boys building a 'Radical' float and the girls building a 'Beauty' float. Once each had been built, they uncovered them at a presentation, where the two groups started fighting, and each float became damaged. The two floats started to get closer to each other, and the fish just swam off in time to see the two floats combine and form a 'Principal Stickler'-shaped one. Stickler immediately chose this one for the Homecoming Parade. ("Fish Floaters")

Milo recycling at the school.

Oscar wanted to help the school recycle for Earth Day, but Milo couldn't be bothered. To get Milo to recycle, Oscar told him there was a "magical dude" involved in Earth Day named the Earth Troll. Milo started recycling to impress the Earth Troll - who was actually Oscar in costume. The 'Earth Troll' visited Milo every night, but Milo eventually went too far with recycling and became obsessed with doing so. Milo recycled continuously through the night at Freshwater High, where he was visited by the 'Earth Troll' and 'Mrs. Earth Troll' (Bea). The two tried to stop Milo, but their plan didn't work. When Milo was about to switch off all electricity to the tanks, Oscar and Bea couldn't take anymore and revealed themselves. Then, the real Earth Troll turned up and told Milo to recycle, but not to go crazy about it. The Earth Troll then disappeared into a recycling bin. ("Legend of the Earth Troll")

When Milo watched a horror movie on TV, he refused to go to sleep because he was afraid the brain parasites from the film would eat his brain. Milo became aware of an infected fish - Albert Glass. Albert started chasing Milo around, and Milo became frightened. He discovered that Principal Stickler knew a way of getting rid of the parasites - draining the fish tanks. Milo and Stickler did so, and the 'parasite' (actually a green milkshake) was drained from Albert's body. The tank was re-filled with water - and Milo was told he wouldn't be allowed to watch a horror movie ever again. ("Parasite Fright")

Pamela Hamster and Milo started video chatting, and in one of the chats, Pamela asked if she could visit Milo's tank. Milo told her yes, and quickly enlisted Bea and Oscar to help him transform the fish tank into a hamster tank. They did so successfully, but when Pamela wanted to be shown the neighborhood, Milo had no choice but to tell all the fish he was throwing an awesome party, tell them to go to a certain tank, while he drained all the tanks of their water to show Pamela around without his cover being blown. He showed Pamela Freshwater High as well as some other buildings. The fish that went to this 'awesome party' included Freshwater High students and faculty. When they realized the fish tanks had been smashed and drained, they stormed over to wear Milo was having a meal with Pamela to punish him. Under pressure, Milo revealed his true self. Pamela told Milo that she had something to hide - she was actually a gerbil! Pamela's agent came with a helicopter and took her away to the set of a new movie; Sterling Hamsterton, who wanted Pamela to go out with him was also on the helicopter. They went away, and Milo was instructed to repair all of the tanks. ("Pamela Hamster Returns")

Bea, Milo and Oscar's Fridge Hat business started at Freshwater, and it came under threat when Randy Pincherson sold a quite similar product, the Better Fridge Hat. These two businesses competed until Milo found out how Randy had found out about the Fridge Hat - and what the consequences of wearing it too long are. When the side-effect was discovered, the business ended and Randy got beaten up by the crowd. ("Milo's Big Idea")

Milo and Oscar became the football team and the basketball team's mascot, and attended every game. But when Milo wanted the crowd to know who he was to become famous, Oscar strictly told him not to expose themselves. Milo didn't listen to Oscar, and in that game, Milo revealed himself as the bottom half of the mascot. The crowd wanted to know who the head was; Oscar tried to escape but a child tripped Oscar up, sliding him from underneath the costume and into full view of the crowd. Oscar left immediately, with Milo. Milo and Oscar argued, and when Oscar stormed off from the school, he was caught in a net by the Geckoach, who wanted to get rid of the fish who helped the team win. Oscar was kept in a fish tank in the gecko tank, and Milo tried to rescue him. He succeeded, and brought back Oscar to Freshwater to help the struggling basketball team win the game. ("Mascotastrophe")

The morning news announcement show, hosted by Oscar, was freshened up to allow the show to become less boring. The new show also introduced Bea as Oscar's co-host. The show was freshened up once more to receive more praise; it became similar to a morning talk-show. Oscar eventually left the show because Bea was taking up all of the show with irrelevant things, while Oscar needed to read out that morning's announcements. When one of Oscar's announcements went unaired, which was that the cafeteria was closed and the students should bring their own lunches, chaos ensued around the school, with students hallucinating that other students were pieces of food. Oscar borrowed a helicopter and brought meals to the school, ending the chaos. Bea apologized to Oscar, and the show was brought back as the original morning announcement show, with some elements from the final incarnation being added. ("Good Morning, Freshwater")

Bea left her diary in class when the Brush Alarm was sounded - that indicated that Bud was coming to clean the tank. Randy picked up Bea's diary when they were let into class again, and Randy blackmailed Bea into going on a date with him. Bea told Milo and Oscar and they snooped around Randy's house, thinking it was hidden there. They found Randy's grandmother, Grammy Pincherson, who gave the two Randy's diary. After Bea refused to continue the date, Randy went off with Bea's diary, which he had brought to the date, telling Bea he was going to read her diary in front of the whole school. Randy didn't even get to read the whole first entry before Bea came along and told her audience that Randy's grandmother was going to read Randy's diary in front of them. After Grammy Pincherson read out the entry where Randy said he stole Bea's diary, he was heckled by the crowd and thrown at with tomatoes. Randy gave Bea's diary back and ripped it up, saying to never write in a diary again...because everything was online anyway. ("Diary of a Lost Fish")

The cheerleading team finishing their performance.

When Oscar was told he needed to join a school club to get into a good college, he decided to join the cheerleading club because all of them apart from Clamantha were scooped up by Bud. Oscar got the girls to join as well. Clamantha trained the cheerleaders as hard as she could so she could beat her rival Clamanda in the All-Species Cheer-Off. At the event, the Freshwater High cheerleading team were there, and so were Clamanda's. Clamanda's team won the event, but Freshwater High's won the award for Most Team Spirit, which resulted in a bigger trophy than what Clamanda's team received given to them. ("We've Got Fish Spirit")

Oscar was told he had won the Best Attendance Award one day, when Principal Stickler realized it was the NEXT day when Oscar would be given the award. Oscar tried his best to make it to school on time the next day, with Milo's soft-spoken alarm keeping him asleep and Bea trimming his hair until it was bald not helping. It looked like Oscar was going to receive the award when Jocktopus blocked the way into the tank while he tied his new shoes. Bea attempted to sweet talk Jocktopus into letting them through, but what Bea said just made him angry, resulting in them being thrown into the tank at the end of the row. Clamantha offered to drive Oscar to school, but Clamantha kept getting distracted - her looking lovingly at Oscar all the time. Oscar's attempt to control the wheel backfired when one swerve resulted in a slow-talking police officer stopping them. The four were put in jail until the trial. In the cell, Oscar realized that he only had to be in his SEAT to receive the award, which prompted Milo to demand to see a judge. The trial went over fast when the judge delivered his verdict - 'not guilty'. The three rushed to school as fast as possible, with Oscar just making it into his seat on time. Oscar received the award and remained happy for the rest of the day. ("Run, Oscar, Run")

The school's students and faculty visited PuPu Goodtimes once, where Randy and Milo had a contest to see who could throw up on a ride first, where Oscar, Jumbo and Albert tried their best to get a piece of rare merchandise and where Bea tried to ride a ride with Steve Jackson before the day was over. All seven rode the Pu Panator rollercoaster, on which Milo won his and Randy's contest, Oscar won the piece of merchandise he was after, and where Bea finally rode a ride with Steve Jackson. Before this, Mr. Baldwin was denied entry onto the rollercoaster because of the 'no pregnant seahorses' rule. ("Good Times at PuPu Goodtimes")

Oscar showed his impression of the Queen of Fish England to some of the students once, and Mr. Mussels mistook Oscar for the actual Queen of Fish England. Mr. Mussels took the 'Queen' to Fish England where Oscar, Bea and Milo had a great time. But when Oscar became angry at the two for taking advantage of his impression, he got into the wrong taxi - a one with the Queen's friends in! The taxi took Oscar to Fishminster Abbey where the Queen was set to get married to the Duke. At the wedding, Milo stood in for the Duke when the actual Duke couldn't find where the ceremony was. The two were about to get married when Mr. Mussels stormed in saying he should get married to the 'Queen'. Him and the 'Duke' took part in a Rap Battle, which Mr. Mussels won. Before the 'Queen' and Mr. Mussels could be married, the actual Queen told Oscar and Milo to go outside. Oscar and Milo, outside, apologized while in tears, when Bea told them both that they weren't apologizing to the actual Queen - it was a wax sculpture from the wax museum. While this was happening, the actual Queen was disguised as Oscar in Freshwater High. Oscar and the Queen returned to their own tanks. ("Oscar Makes an Impression")

The musical written by Mr. Mussels, Potatoes for Winter was performed there once by several of the students. Bea got the lead role and became annoyed at Jocktopus, who had stage fright. Throughout the performance, Bea attempted to get rid of Jocktopus, and when she did, Mr. Mussels told her how much he wanted that part and to impress his father. Bea went backstage to where Jocktopus was being held after he destroyed one of the sets during the performance, and Bea managed to persuade Jocktopus into performing, who, at the time, Oscar was standing in for. Jocktopus helped sing out the show, and after the show, was told by his father to 'smash some nerds'. He destroyed the set, causing everyone to flee from the school while Mr. Baldwin remained in his seat, fast asleep. ("Fish School Musical")

When her tank was being cleaned, Bea kept all her belongings in Milo and Oscar's tank. Milo wanted to try on Bea's dress for the upcoming school dance, and when Oscar tried to get it off Milo, the dress ripped. Milo and Oscar went to a store at the mall to buy the dress, but it cost $1000. The two got jobs there to buy the dress, which with their employee discount, would cost less. The two managed to raise the money, and bought the dress. The two put it in its box, and acted like nothing had happened. But when Bea returned to pick the dress up, she noticed something was different. So, the two poured out the whole story, and Bea told them the original dress was just a cheap knock-off. The three returned the dress to the shop, and Bea bought another knock-off dress for the dance. Mr. Baldwin had bought a hat from Carla's Secret that day, and gave it to Ms. Lips, but the hat fell off her head when she went inside. Clamantha wore all the dresses she also bought from Carla's Secret that day to the dance, because she couldn't decide which one to wear. ("Employee Discount")

Mr. Mussels announced that the school was to hold a talent show for all the students. Bea formed Tres Pescados, which included her, Shellsea, and Clamantha. During their dance routine, Shellsea kicked Clamantha and Shellsea wouldn't apologize. The group fell apart, despite Bea's desperate attempts to get the group back together. With the help of Milo and Oscar, she told the two how the kick happened, and changed the routine to stop it happening again. The group got back together, with the addition of Milo and Oscar, and the group won the talent show. Finberley and Koi never even got a chance to perform. ("Fish Talent Show")

Season 2[edit | edit source]

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Oscar, Albert, Milo and Jumbo discovered the secret that made Steve Jackson so irresistible - his hair gel. The four managed to get hold of a tub, which fell out of Steve's backpack, and wore the gel around school, gathering the attention of girls. Unfortunately for the boys, the hair gel ran out when they had a fight over who should get the last bit of it. The gel got thrown all over the hallway, landing on unsuspecting student's (and Mr. Baldwin's) hair, making THEM irresistible. Then Steve found out and told them that it's not just hair gel that makes them cool, it's themselves. Steve offered to take them to the Hokey Poke to get them a milkshake when Mr. Baldwin came along and shew off his new hairstyle. ("Hairanoid")

Ms. Lips enlisted Bea to babysit her pet catfish Attila one night, with Milo and Oscar helping. The three learned that Attila was actually a horror to babysit, so they went out. During this time, the cat escaped. When the three got back, they had to think of something as Ms. Lips was back. Entering, she saw Attila - but it was actually Milo dressed up. Bea and Oscar left then to find Attila. With Oscar being allergic to catfish, he was able to trace Attila's whereabouts from allergens floating the wind. Oscar and Bea found Freshwater High, with a 'cat'-shape hole in the bottom of the door. They went into Freshwater High, where Attila was swimming about quite fast. They finally came to Ms. Lips' office, which Attila had gone into. Bea went in to try and get Attila back, and that failed - nearly all of her hair was ripped off. So she went in again, this time dressed up Ms. Lips, and succeeded this time - Attila was attracted to Oscar, who was underneath Bea in costume. Bea told Ms. Lips the truth and Ms. Lips thanked her for being honest. Bea and Oscar went home, thinking about how they would have lots to tell at school that Monday, leaving Milo, still dressed up as a cat, behind. ("Adventures in Fish-Sitting")

Milo, playing his kazoo, and several other students went to marching band tryouts once, and none of them got onto the band - thanks to the leader of the marching band Lonnie having said "No, thank you" repeatedly. Milo really wanted to be in a band, so Bea came up with an idea - the three forming a band. Originally called "The Green Apple Experience" by Milo, "Bea and her Boys" practiced in the band room that day. But before the three could start playing, Lonnie and two of the marching band members turned up. Lonnie told the three the same as he told the rest of the students that turned up for tryouts - there will be no music for them this year. Lonnie, therefore, unplugged Bea's electric keyboard, re-tuned Oscar's guitar, and reshuffled Bea's sheet music to make the band see what he is capable of to stop other bands from playing in Freshwater High. Milo told Bea and Oscar that they had to do something, from which Bo Gregory replied, saying that the marching band stopped him from playing in the jug band, having corked his jug and locking it so it could not be removed. Dan and Ann Chovie told the four that the marching band ruined their band too - they sabotaged the recording session for their then-next album, The Chovies: Together Forever. The marching band also ruined several other students' bands too, with Albert adding in that they won't let anyone practice after school. Esmargot showed all of the students there what the marching band did to Clamantha and the Shiny Objects. The group's mouths were taped up and Clamantha had a chain put around her body. Milo went ahead of the others, who didn't want to play at that point, and played the kazoo, interrupting the marching band's dinner and infuriating Lonnie. At band practice, Bea was sorting out the sheet music when Oscar told her he finally re-tuned his guitar - after 6 hours. Milo rushed in, telling the two, who were both looking at Bea's new band poster, that he cannot find his kazoo. Two members of the marching band were actually trying to smash the kazoo with their drumsticks, while Lonnie watched from inside a vehicle. After the marching band left, Oscar suggested that they should give up the music stuff, and Milo objected, saying that they should give the marching band a dose of their own medicine. At the next marching band practice, all of the band's instruments were sticky with honey, and one of the band members pointed Lonnie to a drawing of Milo, in honey, on the wall. Lonnie stormed off to where Milo was, telling Milo that he has no other choice but to hold a battle of the bands on the field - and that if his marching band won, no-one else could play music in Freshwater ever again, and if Milo's band won, everyone in Freshwater could play music whenever they wanted to. The battle started, and Bea and her Boys became quickly outnumbered, with the help of Lonnie's circle march. The rest of the wanting-to-play-music students charged onto the field and helped Bea and her Boys defeat the Marching Band. The students all played kazoos in celebration. ("Banned Band")

When Mr. Baldwin became stuck to his chair with glue during class, he immediately blamed the only one laughing - Milo, and gave him detention. Mr. Baldwin press his "Panic" button underneath his desk and the hall monitors came to the class and escorted Milo to detention - Mr. Detention to be precise. Back in class, Bea and Oscar decided they should help Milo escape from Clamantha. They did so successfully, with Oscar having distracted Clamantha by performing a little dance. Milo decided they should find who pulled the prank and first considered Randy Pincherson - but he pulls more calculating pranks than amateur ones. Then the three went to see Shellsea, who, according to Bea, knows everything about what has happened in school. Shellsea told them that they should go ask one of the science nerds like Albert Glass. Albert, scared of being around fugitives, swam into a cubicle in the boys' bathroom, with Milo, Oscar AND Bea following. After Milo blurted out some nonsense about Bea going to Fish Siberia to work off the land for doing what's right, Albert agrees to help them, and gets a sample of the glue for Milo - which is still stuck to the chair and Mr. Baldwin. Albert tells Milo to go to Jumbo, as he has a Junior Detective Kit which can help them find the guilty party. Bea tells them that Jumbo is a hall monitor - 'central command hall monitor', according to Oscar. Milo tells them that he can't go to the mall to buy his own kit because he was banned from entering, so they have to go to Jumbo, and take the risk that he will give them up. Oscar and Bea make a distraction to get in, because of the two guards floating outside of Jumbo's office. Milo rushed into Jumbo's office while the two 'guards' were holding Bea and Oscar, and told Jumbo that he needed his Junior Detective Kit to help him.

Mr. Detention arrives at Fish Niagara Falls.

After Jumbo saw Albert's signature lighting bolt shape of the glue, he agreed to help Milo, as the cause must be just. Jumbo's Junior Detective Kit didn't help Milo at all, and because of that, Milo considered going into hiding. Milo asked Jumbo for something to stick a beard on with, and Jumbo searched for his glue stick, but couldn't find it; he must have left it in Baldwin's classroom - which is when he realized he was the one who glued Baldwin to his chair. Meanwhile, outside, two of the hall monitors were trying to open Jumbo's door. Jumbo rushed out at one point, and Milo told Bea and Oscar everything, and the rest of the hall monitors and Milo, Bea and Oscar followed him to Fish Niagara Falls. Clamantha caught Milo there, put him into her mouth and called Mr. Detention. Milo pleaded with Jumbo to confess, and eventually he did. That morning, he was putting up posters for the sandwich he lost, when he became mesmerized at how much glue was in his glue stick. Some glue fell off the glue stick onto Baldwin's chair, which Jumbo also dropped his glue stick on. Mr. Baldwin made it to Fish Niagara Falls, where he apologized to Milo after hearing the whole story. As for Jumbo, Mr. Baldwin excused him of all charges because he ate his sandwich. Milo offered to shake fins with Mr. Baldwin, but instead he played a prank on him - by making Baldwin shake the fin which had an electric eel underneath it. Milo agreed to happily serve his time and sat down at a desk in Mr. Detention's mouth. ("Milo on the Lam")

When Jocktopus forgot his and Piranhica's anniversary, she smashed a part of the wall leading into Mr. Baldwin's classroom in anger, exposing him ironing his shirt, before she broke up with him. Oscar's joke about fireworks didn't go down well with the students watching. Some of the girls offered to help Piranhica get over the break-up, and the boys did the same with Jocktopus. But the girls quickly became tired of Piranhica and what they did to make her feel better, unlike the boys with Jocktopus. Bea came up with the idea of doing the day over so the two could get back together, so the next day, it was Monday again, and this time, Jocktopus was ready - and gave Piranhica the gifts she was expecting. But Jocktopus blew it when he said it was the best Tuesday ever. Piranhica became angry, and then realized that Jocktopus must have done all of that to make sure she knew he really cared about her. The two hugged and got back together. ("Break Up Shake Down")

During a football game, Jocktopus became so happy when he sort-of did a touchdown that he ripped his arms (tentacles) off. Jocktopus told Coach Salmons that his tentacles grow back, and three baby arms then grew out of one of Jocktopus' sides. Coach alerted the crowd that he needed a new quarterback for next week's game. Oscar tells Bea that she should tryout for the position, but when she swam down to Coach Salmons, he said no because there's a big difference between the boys on the field and her. Bea swam off annoyed, and Punt told Coach Salmons that Jocktopus' arms were beating up the team. Bea told the gang that Coach Salmons was being sexist, and Oscar tried to compliment Bea on how beautiful she was, but Oscar couldn't say it without letting out he had a crush on Bea - instead he poured out some nonsense and ended up giving Bea a cup of tea. Bea told them she would get justice. The next day in class, Bea was absent and a new, similar-looking student named Hank came into the class and sat in Bea's seat. Oscar had a hunch it was Bea, but Milo didn't believe him. Oscar told Hank that they would support him on the football team and promise to keep his secret - which he knew because him and Milo were Hank's friends. Milo told Oscar that they should also help out Bea, which is when Oscar did 'that weird face-palm thingy' again. Hank, accompanied by Milo and Oscar went to tryout for the team and got on immediately. Again, Milo made a remark about how it was good that Bea wasn't there, and Oscar face-palmed again. At lunchtime, Hank sat with some of the girls, who also thought Hank was Bea. Milo made another remark at how Hank got on the football team and had the ladies all over him after he was only there a day. At the Freshwater Football Bowl, the Freshwater Fish Hooks were playing the Tetra Tech Titans. When the referee blew the whistle, he inadvertently swallowed it. Hank got the ball and attempted to throw it at Fumble, but instead the ball landed up in front of him.

The ball lands in a Tetra Tech Titan's fins.

When Hank threw the ball again, it landed in the fins of a Tetra Tech Titan and he touch-downed. Hank got bombarded with apples from the crowd - Milo to be precise. Hank started crying and Oscar comforted him. After this, Oscar and Hank hugged, with Oscar prolonging it because he thought he was hugging Bea. Then suddenly, Bea turned up with a team of lawyers, and everyone realized 'Hank' was actually Hank. Bea told Coach that she got lawyers to end his 'no girls allowed' policy, and Coach replied, saying that he didn't allow Bea on the field because she didn't have a helmet. Everyone in the crowd, and the lawyers 'oh'-ed at this. Hank gave Bea his helmet because he has realized he's not cut out for football, and then reveals the secret which the uniform covered - his enormous shoulders. Clamantha told Hank that she had an idea of what to do with those shoulders - help the cheer-leading team form their upside-down pyramid without falling. Then the Tetra Tech players tell everyone that they'll just float there while the clock runs out. Bea suited up and went onto the field. She threw the ball and it almost landed in a Tetra Tech player's fins, until Bea knocked him out of the way, caught the ball and kicked the ball into the goal, scoring the team one more point than Tetra Tech had and won the game. The team celebrated, and then Mr. Mussels told them that he needed a new lead actor for his all-male performance of Madam Butterfish. Bea offered to play the role - then Oscar face-palmed AGAIN and Milo cheered. ("Just One of the Fish")

Some students, with Coach Salmons went on a camping trip once where Milo told the story of the Yeti Lobster. No-one believed him, but the Yeti Lobster actually came into the camping area and everyone fled. Milo got separated and the Yeti Lobster found him...but the Yeti Lobster turned out to be actually nice and Milo learned that he felt lonely, and the reason why he took his sandwich when he was on a camping trip all those years ago - he wanted to make statues of those who came by out of food. The rest of the students prepared to get Milo back, and during this, Bea got a thorn in her tail-fin, and the Yeti Lobster pulled it out and covered the wound for her - and everyone realized the Yeti Lobster wasn't going to kill Milo like they first thought. When the gang left, the Yeti Lobster completed a statue of him, with Bea, Milo, Oscar, Coach Salmons and Albert Glass. ("Rock Lobster Yeti")

When Randy spoiled the end of a movie the gang were anticipating, they decided to get back and make a movie that they would spoil the ending to. The movie, Space Crab: Captain of the Stars II, was a sequel to a movie Randy saw. The part of the movie that was filmed was filmed in a classroom at Freshwater High. Milo was in charge of showing the trailers to Randy, and they would change whatever Randy wanted to be changed. The movie was shown at the Finerama, but Oscar couldn't bring himself to spoiling the ending, so he persuaded the others to perform the rest of the movie live. Randy finally found the answer to a question brought up watching the first movie - who the main character's father was. Randy applauded the ending, and agreed not to spoil anything again if they would make another movie. The trailer for the third movie was also filmed in Freshwater High. ("Spoiler Alert")

Bea comforted Milo when Pamela Hamster broke up with him, and in doing so, Bea accidentally came to be dating Milo. They pretended to date each other at school as well, holding fins on the school bus, in class, in the hallway, in the cafeteria, and at a school dance, and at one point Milo gave Bea a box of chocolates. Milo and Bea each came up with the same idea: look disgusting so the other one will break up with him/her. They tried that out, but it didn't work, and matters became worse when Finberley and Koi forced the two to kiss for the cover of the school newspaper. ("Bea Dates Milo")

A corn dog van parked up outside the school once, and Milo got tired of waiting in line, so he went into school to eat his granola bar. He thought the granola bar mascot was beautiful, so he wrote a letter to her. He posted it through Oscar's locker shutters so he could mail it for him - but when Oscar found it, he thought it was addressed to him, from one girl in Freshwater High So Milo helped Oscar find his secret admirer, trying Finberley at first, then Koi, and finally bribing Shellsea into being Oscar's secret admirer. Oscar went on a date with Shellsea, which is where the truth was revealed - Milo made up Oscar's secret admirer. Oscar fainted, and floated down to the bottom of the tank. Dr. Frog was called in, where he said Oscar was in a 'broken heart coma'. Milo called in some of the girls to kiss Oscar and hopefully find the 'kiss of true love'. None of the girls' kisses were the 'true love kiss', and finally, Milo kissed him on the head after telling him what he did to make him happy and Oscar awoke. Oscar told Milo that he heard everything and wished he could have gone on one REAL date. Then Milo realized they were just below the granola bar building when the mascot was calling down out them. The mascot's sister came out onto the balcony where the mascot was floating and the mascot asked if they would like to go on a double date. Milo, with the mascot, and Oscar, with the mascot's sister, floated off into the sunset. ("Oscar's Secret Admirer")

Clamantha wore a party hat and a 'Birthday Girl' sash to school, which made everyone think it was her birthday. Since everyone had forgot, they decided to throw a party at Clamantha's house while Milo distracted Clamantha; her parents forgot about her birthday too! There were three designs of the party, two Clamantha was allergic to. During Milo's distracting, he learned that it wasn't Clamantha's birthday, because she thought she was dressed as a baker; Clamantha had become good at baking. Milo told Bea over the phone to hide everything, and she did with the help of Clamantha's relatives who Oscar rounded up for the party - they all engaged in a pearl fight. The party was wrecked, and Clamantha, when she arrived, thought that everyone thought it was birthday when she saw the cake. Bea told her it was a special cake they baked for her to celebrate her being good at baking. Oscar coming out of the cake, having hidden it in during the pearl fight, attracted Clamantha and she swam up to it while Oscar screamed. ("Sixteen Clamandles")

During a debate practice, a girl from another school came into the auditorium and Oscar fell in love with her. The girl introduced herself as Angela (pronounced Angel-a), the head of the rival school's debate team. Oscar agreed to a date after school, but when Oscar suggested that they shouldn't play video games because the topic of the debate is the pros and cons of video games, so Angela showed Oscar different types of fun than just video games. After the date ended, Oscar went back into his tank and searched for the debate notes but couldn't find them. He knew they were with him on his date, and thought that Angela took them - and that Angela just used him to get them. At the next debate practice, Milo helped Oscar become happy and make him confident he would win the debate. Bea pointed Milo towards the back of the auditorium, where a fish wearing the same helmet as Milo was sitting. Also at the back was a not very well-disguised Angela. During Oscar's presentation, Angela hung down from a rope and took pictures of Oscar. When she fell, she tried to escape, but failed as Oscar noticed her. Angela tried to make up an excuse, then left. At Saltwater High School that night, the first argument was that Angela was a horrible person and ruined his life. Then Oscar told Angela how he felt about what happened, and finally said what he thought happened to his debate cards and that he thought she only went out with him to get him to help her win the debate. Angela told him that she was spying on Oscar for love, not to win the debate. Angela and Oscar understood how they both felt about each other, and they went off to the Hokey Poke to talk about video games. ("Send Me an Angel Fish")

Oscar brought his project into the science fair, which was later revealed as a potato clock. Out of many submissions, Dr. Frog chose Oscar's project as the winner, but before he could do that, the lights were turned off and his project was stolen. With the lights back on, Milo and Bea started a search for the project, encountering several clues and suspects along the way. The first clue was a fin-print on the wall, then a handkerchief which Milo threw into a shredder. Milo and Bea went to Clamantha to see if she saw anything through her binoculars. After telling the two about a daydream of hers, Clamantha told them that Albert took the potato clock. Bea and Milo both played good cop with Albert until they were ready to ask him what he did with the potato clock. Albert swore that he didn't take it, and Bea and Milo knew they had failed. During Bea and Milo's investigation, Oscar tried to get other potatoes for his clock and work on another project. After telling Oscar they had failed, Bea and Milo tried the scientific method. Their efforts were interrupted by Clamantha, who Bea told that Albert couldn't have lifted the clock because of his frail arms. Milo then spotted some photographs in Clamantha's mouth, on which were Oscar with his project that morning. Bea asked Jocktopus why he was suddenly into photography, and he said that he has hobbies. Bea told everyone her hypothesis: Jocktopus saw Bea and Milo snooping around and paid Clamantha with pictures of Oscar so she would frame Albert, and that Jocktopus did all this to cover up the fact that he stole the potato clock. After Jocktopus' suction-print was matched to the print on the wall, Jocktopus was busted and revealed that he stole the potato clock because his project was 'Effects of Ruining Science Fair Projects on Nerd Fish'. Dr. Frog awarded the two the 1st place ribbon for best combined project, and Bea asked everyone to thank science for helping to find out who the culprit was. The potato clock, like all of Oscar's previous projects, exploded after that. ("Science Fair Detective Mystery")

Oscar asked the school's Student Council, Albert Glass, Jumbo Shrimp and Bo Gregory to accompany him on his guys' night out. ("Guys' Night Out")

Finberley told some of the girls about a ferret party that night in the girls' bathroom, and Oscar and Milo found out about the party too, by listening through the vent, which according to Milo, is how they learned about girls. ("Bea Sneaks Out")

Bea broke her fin while performing a song and was told she couldn't perform on stage and she couldn't play on the basketball team. Bea thought her life was over until Randy showed her the Pincherton 3000, which could help her live life to the fullest again. Bea used her suit around school and at home, not realizing that Randy was controlling what she did at night. One night, Randy took Bea on a date at Le Pincherson, and threatened to take the suit off her if she didn't go through with the date. Oscar, Milo, Jumbo, Albert and Shellsea arrived to try and save Bea, with the boys, the Power Force Patrol Squad, failing to. Randy gave Bea the remote for the robot while he told the Power Force Patrol Squad how bad they were, and Bea decided that she could become more awesome with. Shellsea helped Bea realized that she was awesome on her own, and then pressed the button the remote to get out of the suit. Randy shouted that it was the self destruct button, and in result, the tank exploded and Bea, Milo, Oscar, Albert, Jumbo and Randy ended up in hospital. ("Busy Bea: Rise of the Machines")

At a sleepover, Koi was told that she couldn't answer some of the questions because she never did anything that the question asked her to talk about. Wanting to fit in, Koi blurted out that she did some daring, dangerous and unbelievable feat, causing all of them to gaze at Koi in awe. This spread around the school and everyone thought Koi was cool - which resulted in Koi becoming the most popular girl in school. But Piranhica doubted what Koi said about herself, so she challenged Koi to jump the cat in a roller skate - Koi succeeded, but got half of her face bitten off in the process. ("Koi Story")

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