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"Busy Bea: Rise of the Machines"
"Milo and Oscar Move In"
Season: 2
Production code: 211a
Broadcast number: 60
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel premiere:
June 1, 2012
Disney Channel (UK) premiere:
September 8, 2012
Disney XD premiere:
October 5, 2012
Paired with
"Milo and Oscar Move In" (production)

When Oscar's indecisiveness with choosing a tie for his date with Angela starts to wear on him, he turns to Milo's brash decision-making abilities to help. Unfortunately, Milo's lack of sophistication ends up being an obstacle when he gets banned from entering the frou-frou tie store and gets separated from Oscar. To make things right, he pursues the glory of a fancy life with Hugh Edmondson's help and becomes a sophisticated fish who is more than welcome into the posh store.

Episode Summary[edit]


Mouse is singing. Snake asks Mouse if she can teach her to sing. Mouse tells Snake to just open her mouth. Snake does, and a mouse yells "Hey, shut the door. I'm being digested in here!" The mouse goes back in Snake's mouth, and Mouse says "Father?".


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  • The employee at Tie • Dal Wave reveals a floor underneath the main floor. It means that the Fish Mall has two floors above ground, and one underground, which is impossible due to the size of the tank.
  • This is the second episode wherein Bea wears headphones, the first being "Hairanoid".


  • When Oscar pulls Milo's wig off and Milo falls to the floor, the stores behind him are "Lamprey", "Ames", a store with suits in the window, and "Fish • Cuts". In the next scene, where Oscar is holding an ice cream, the stores are "Lamprey" (then some yellow glass), "Wet Topic", "Fish Cuts" and "Kind Boxes". And when Milo says "Hot dog!", the stores have reverted back to "Lamprey", "Ames", the store with suits in the window and "Fish • Cuts". But when Milo says "And I know just the one", the stores have reverted (again), this time back to "Lamprey" (then yellow glass), "Wet Topic", "Fish Cuts" and "Kind Boxes". Milo and Oscar enter the store, and the background is the same, but when Hugh Edmondson says "Helping your friends is always fancy", the background has reverted back to the original background (with the blue glass).

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