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"Fish Hooks" song guide.

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Season 1[edit | edit source]

Song Episode Sung by
We Rock Dance Party Singers from Camp Rock & Camp Rock 2
Ring the Bell Opening Sequence Unknown
Never Coming Out Bea Stays in the Picture Headphone Joe
Eat Dip! Fish Sleepover Party Bea, Shellsea, Finberley, Clamantha, Esmargot
Friends Fish Out of Water Unknown
Dance Underwater Boy Milo
Freshwater High Cheer The Freshwater High Cheerleaders
Independent Woman Bea Becomes an Adult Fish Unknown
School Dance Queen Bea Clamantha and the Shiny Objects
Oscar Clamantha
I Wanna Be Queen Clamantha and the Shiny Objects
The Final Exam Fail Fish Unknown
When You Smile Funny Fish Unknown
The Perfect Roomie Dances with Wolf Fish Oscar, Milo, Principal Stickler and the Wolf Fishes
Chuck 'Em Out The Tank! Chuck 'Em Out The Tank People in the Hokey Poke Diner
Deck the Halls Merry Fishmas Unknown
Tropical Paradise Dropsy! Coach Salmons
Be Inspired Big Fish Bea and Oscar
U + Me = Luv Dollars and Fish Brandon Bubbler
Money Unknown
Fishy Dreamers Flying Fish Milo
Now That I (Don't) Have You Two Clams in Love Oscar, Clamantha, Mr. Mussels and Coach Salmons
Then You Take Legend of the Earth Troll Oscar
Gear Up Unknown
The Earth Troll Way Milo, and some Freshwater High students.
The Hey Dance Milo's Big Idea Oscar and Bea
The Cheerleading Song We've Got Fish Spirit Unknown
The Cheer-Off Anthem
It's Good To Be The Queen Oscar Makes an Impression
Potatoes Fish School Musical Bea, Albert Glass, Shellsea, Finberley, Dumpy Muffins, Bo Gregory, Esmargot, Student Council, Razor V. Doom, Jumbo Shrimp, Dan Chovie, Scabbo, Bleak Molly, Ann Chovie, James Sardine and Hugh Edmondson
Because of Me Bea
Hot Potato Milo, Bo Gregory, Razor, Albert and Jumbo
Who is She? Shellsea, Finberley and Esmargot
Dream Train Bea, Jocktopus, Jumbo Shrimp, Razor, Esmargot, Oscar, Milo, Dan Chovie, Ann Chovie, James Sardine, Finberley, Shellsea and Hugh Edmondson
Potatoes (Reprise) Bea, Milo, Albert Glass, Koi, Shellsea, Bo Gregory, Razor, Jumbo Shrimp, Clamantha, Student Council, Hugh Edmondson, Dumpy Muffins, Esmargot, Steve Jackson and Finberley
Shop! Employee Discount

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Song Episode Sung by
Christmas Party Merry Fishmas, Milo
Rainbows in My Tummy Bea Dates Milo
Guys Night Out Guys' Night Out
Busy Bea Busy Bea: Rise of the Machines Bea
Me, You and You Milo and Oscar Move In
Brother Love is Magic Brothers' Day Milo and Oscar
Now That I'm in Charge Principal Bea Bea
Today! Fish at Work Bea
Good Morning, Freshwater High Chicks Dig Vampires Coach Salmons
Oh My Bea (Did You Hear?) Fish Lips Sink Ships
See That Fish Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy Brandon Bubbler
Got More Fish Flakes Milo
This Is Me Albert Glass, Oscar, Bea, Shellsea, Tabitha, Koi, Razor, Bo Gregory, Steve Jackson, Jumbo Shrimp, Esmargot, Finberley and Clamantha
Happy Birthday Bea's Birthday Surprise Mrs. Goldfishberg and Norman Goldfishberg
Brandon's Hair Milo
Your Birthday Brandon Bubbler
Lunchlady Get a Yob! Latoada
Gettin' Ready for Prom Fish Prom
Excited for Prom Freshwater High students
Right By Your Side