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Fish Flakes

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"Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy"
"Fish Flakes"
"Bea's Birthday Surprise"
If you are looking for the food, go to Fish Flakes (food).
"Fish Flakes"
Fish Flakes.png
Season: 2
Production code: 218b
Broadcast number: 75
Story by:
Maxwell Atoms
C.H. Greenblatt
Noah Z. Jones
William Reiss
Written & Storyboarded by:
Maxwell Atoms
Carl Faruolo
Ian Wasseluk
Directed by:
C.H. Greenblatt
William Reiss
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel premiere:
January 11, 2013
Disney Channel (UK) premiere:
Disney XD premiere:
November 8, 2012
Paired with
"Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy" (production)

Milo begins to freak out when he realizes that his chances at becoming "Freshwater's Catch of the Month Calendar Cover Dude" are slim to none when his scales begin to fall off, so he tries to find a solution to his flaky problem and learns in the process that he's not the only one with body issues.

Episode Summary[edit]


Mouse says after watching the fish all day she could sure use some exercise. Mouse asks where her bike is, and Snake says she hasn't seen it anywhere. Mouse finds that Snake has swallowed the bike. She also says that she could use a tennis racket, which Snake has also swallowed. Snake has also swallowed Mouse's chair and her genie lamp. Snake tries to think of the right words to say, when Mouse spots that all her stuff is at the other end of the tank. Mouse tells Snake that she should really get the bumps checked.


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  • This episode aired in Malaysia on October 22, 2012 at 11:03 pm local time with "Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy".
  • This episode aired in the United States on Disney XD on November 8, 2012 at 11am eastern time with "Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy".
  • This episode aired in the Netherlands sometime in December 2012.
  • Tabitha's name was revealed in this episode.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Steve Jackson has two butts.

Voice Credits[edit]

Chelsea Kane as Bea
Kyle Massey as Milo
Justin Roiland as Oscar
Maxwell Atoms as Razor & Spider
Gregory Michael Cipes as Steve Jackson
Grey DeLisle as Tabitha
John DiMaggio as Jocktopus
Alex Hirsch as Clamantha
William Reiss as Bonnie Bunnfish
Atticus Shaffer as Albert Glass
David Shair as Dr. Shrimp
Richard Simmons as Coach Salmons
Steven Christopher Parker as Jumbo Shrimp
Kari Wahlgren as Shellsea


  • Oscar's computer screen is black when it zooms it on his and Milo's tank, but in the next shot showing the computer, the computer screen shows the video game Oscar is playing. Then, in the shot where Oscar is looking at Milo pretending to be asleep, the computer screen is black again.
  • In one shot in the janitor's closet when Milo is pinning Oscar down, the bandage on his face is missing.
  • When Milo says "Look at me!", the dialogue does not match his mouth's movements.
  • When Albert says "invisible" in This Is Me, the dialogue does not match his mouth's movements.
  • Koi's "Wuh Wuh!" in This Is Me is not in sync with her mouth's movements.
  • When Albert says "This is me and I own it" in This Is Me, on both occasions his mouth doesn't move.

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