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"Traffic Jam"
"Chuck 'Em Out The Tank"
Oscar uses his toothbrush to help brush the piece of algae stuck in his braces off.
Season: Shorts
Production code: 006
Broadcast number: 5
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel premiere:
December 18, 2010
Disney Channel (UK) premiere:

Oscar wants to ask Bea to the dance, but has algae stuck in his braces. He uses his toothbrush to clean it off, but it flies across the classroom and ends up covered in goo, lipstick and earwax.

Short Summary[edit]

Oscar unpacks his stuff for school in a classroom, then Milo asks Oscar if he has asked anyone to the big dance. Oscar says not yet, but maybe he should, and romantically looks at Bea. As he is about to ask Bea to the dance, Milo taps on his shoulder and tells him that he has algae stuck in his braces. At first, Oscar is embarrassed and tries to get it out with his tongue and fingers, but it still doesn't come off. He then pulls out his toothbrush from his backpack and uses it to clean it off. However, the toothbrush slips off Oscar's fin and flies across the classroom. Finberleys yawns and the toothbrush flies between the top and bottom of her teeth. She first gags, but manages to bite the toothbrush, sending it to fly to Jocktopus's ear, but the toothbrush, due to Jocktopus's meat in his body, bounces off, making it fly somewhere again. Shellsea pulls out her lipstick from her purse and is about to smear it on her lips, but the toothbrush flies through her lipstick, causing it to smear across Shellsea's face. The toothbrush now flies into Esmargot's slimy, sticky slime, before bouncing off and landing on Fumble's wet tongue, before slowly falling onto the table and then flicking off again. Oscar reaches out and catches the toothbrush, but he finds the toothbrush covered in goo, lipstick and earwax. Oscar freaks out and screams, making his algae finally fall out of his braces. Oscar returns to his desk, and begins to ask Bea to the dance again, but Milo taps his shoulder again and tells him that he is sweating (more than usual), caused by his swimming around. Oscar is disappointed because he cannot ask Bea to the dance now.


  • This short aired in the "Fish Winter Vacation" marathon, with the other two shorts, "Traffic Jam" and "Chuck 'Em Out The Tank".
  • Despite Milo and Oscar having a conversation about the dance, the dance is never shown or mentioned again. However, there have been dances featured in "Queen Bea", "Employee Discount" and "Bea Dates Milo". It is likely that Milo and Oscar are not referring to any of these, due to the fact that "Queen Bea" aired before this short (however it could have been produced before "Queen Bea"), and that "Employee Discount" and "Bea Dates Milo" air nearly a year and over a year after the short respectively.

Voice Credits[edit]

There were no voice credits for this short, and this is a list of voice actors and the characters they voice in the short.
Chelsea Staub as Bea
Kyle Massey as Milo
Justin Roiland as Oscar
Kimberley Mooney as Finberley
Atticus Shaffer as Albert Glass
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