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Image Title Airdate Production code Directed by Written by #
Bea Stays in the Picture.png "Bea Stays in the Picture" September 3, 2010 101a Maxwell Atoms Maxwell Atoms 1
Bea wants her school photo to be perfect. When the photo turns out horrible, she enlists her friends Milo and Oscar to help her retrieve it and get rid of it.
Oscar and Milo dressed as girls.JPEG "Fish Sleepover Party" September 24, 2010 102a William Reiss William Reiss 2
Bea invites her friends to a girls-only sleepover party. Since Milo and Oscar weren't invited, they dress up as girls and sneak into the party.
Fish Out of Water.png "Fish Out of Water" September 24, 2010 101b Maxwell Atoms Alex Hirsch
Ian Wasseluk
Milo ventures outside of the tank, and Oscar and Bea have to come to his rescue. When Bea and Oscar fall foul of the store cat, Wilford, Milo has to save them.
Doris Flores Gorgeous.png "Doris Flores Gorgeous" October 1, 2010 103a William Reiss Derek Evanick 4
Oscar creates a fake girlfriend, Doris Flores Gorgeous, thinking that everyone except him is paired up.
Underwater Boy.png "Underwater Boy" October 1, 2010 103b Maxwell Atoms Alex Almaguer
Maxwell Atoms
William Reiss
Milo tries out for the football team, but gets the lamest part of all: water boy.