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Doris Flores Gorgeous

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"Fish Out of Water"
"Doris Flores Gorgeous"
"Underwater Boy"
"Doris Flores Gorgeous"
Doris Flores Gorgeous.png
Season: 1
Production code: 103a
Broadcast number: 4
Story by:
Craig McCracken
Written by:
Craig McCracken
Ben Joseph
Storyboards by:
Craig McCracken
Mark Ackland
Directed by:
William Reiss
Craig McCracken
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel premiere:
October 1, 2010
Disney Channel (UK) premiere:
November 20, 2010
Disney XD premiere:
September 6, 2011
Paired with
"Underwater Boy"
If you are looking for the character, go to Doris Flores Gorgeous.
"If you are looking for the actress, go to Doris Flores Gorgeous."
"Then tell me Oscar, is this real?"

Oscar creates a fake girlfriend, Doris Flores Gorgeous, when he thinks everyone else at Freshwater High is dating, but things go wrong when Bea and Milo want to visit her in Fish Niagara Falls, forcing Oscar to see just how far he's willing to go with his lie.

Episode Summary[edit]

"In fact I'm doing so much dating, now I have to fit in dates for breakfast, lunch and dinner."[edit]

James Sardine arrives in his car while the firefish dislodge Milo's head from the pipe.

It's Monday at Freshwater High, and Oscar is getting a book from his locker, while Milo looks at a pipe blowing out water. Milo asks Oscar how big he thinks the pipe is, and Oscar says that he doesn't know, and maybe the size of a fish head. Milo says that's what he was thinking, while still looking at the pipe. Bea swims up to the two and says hi, and Oscar and Milo say hi as well. Oscar asks Bea if she's still coming over that night to watch a new show, "Nerd Fish, Lazy Fish". Bea says she'd love to, but she's going to have to take a raincheck because she's going on a date, much to Oscar's surprise, with Bo Gregory - who just asked her out. Bea tells Oscar that they're going on a hayride, with Bo Gregory adding "I like tractors pretty good". Bea asks Oscar "Isn't she charming", and swims off with Bo. On Tuesday, Milo and Oscar are in the hallway again, Milo eying the pipe again. Milo asks Oscar if anyone's ever put their head in the pipe before, and Oscar replies, saying probably not, because there's no good reason why anyone would do that. Bea swims upto them and says hi, with Oscar and Milo saying hi as well. Oscar asks Bea if she wants to play some Banjo Rockstar after school, but Bea has to take another raincheck, as she is going on another date, this time with French student Hugh Edmondson at the National Kelp Museum. Hugh says "Bonjour", and then Bea asks Oscar "Isn't he super interesting", and swims off with Hugh. On Wednesday, it's chaotic in the hallway as firefish are trying to dislodge Milo's head from the pipe, while Oscar, Bea and Headphone Joe watch. Oscar asks Bea if when the firefish dislodge Milo's head from the pipe, they can grab some lunch. Bea says "Raincheck!", and says that she's going on a lunch date with - James Sardine - after checking her date book. Oscar tells Bea that she's been going on a lot of dates lately, and Bea says that's what you're supposed to do in high school, and because she's doing so much dating, she now has to fit in dates at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Milo woos Bea and tells her to "Go, fish!". Bea thanks Milo, and suggests to Oscar that they can grab food another time. Oscar, sadly, says that that sounds good, and then a horn sounds. Bea shouts "Here's James Sardine!", and gets in his car. Bea asks Oscar "Isn't he such a rebel", and James drives off, before Bea says bye to Milo and Oscar. Oscar sighs and tells Milo that it's just them for lunch today. Milo says "Yeah, about lunch today...", and Finberley swims up to him. Oscar asks Milo if HE's now taking rainchecks to go on dates. Milo says yes, and also says that it's no biggie, because some fish are ready a little sooner to do mature stuff like dating. At lunchtime in the cafeteria, Oscar says that he guesses that he's the only single fish in the school. Then, Clamantha launches herself onto Oscar's table, where she lands on Oscar's lunch tray. Clamantha says that she's still on the dating market, and using her tongue, licks the food on her head off into her mouth. Oscar is disgusted by what Clamantha is doing. Clamantha then puckers up for a kiss, after saying that they should start their first date off right. Clamantha bounces towards Oscar, but Oscar manages to hold Clamantha off by grabbing onto each end of her mouth, opening the mouth wide. Under pressure, Oscar says that he can't date Clamantha because he already has a girlfriend, which convinces him to pretend he has a girlfriend so he doesn't have to worry about going on dates and being single. Oscar apologizes to Clamantha, because he forgot he has a girlfriend now. He swims off, and Clamantha says that she'll get that kiss someday, and then floats off of the table.

"Yeah, that's it, that's her name! Doris Flores Gorgeous! The girl in my head...I mean of my dreams!"[edit]

Milo grabs Oscar's sweater, demanding that he tell him more about Doris.

In the hallway, Bea and Milo are floating together, laughing. Oscar swims up to them and says hi, and asks the two if they want to watch TV that night. Bea and Milo begin to say that they have dates, and then Oscar shouts "Rainchecks!". Oscar says that he means that he has to take rainchecks, because he has a girlfriend now. Bea says "Awesome", and Milo gasps, saying "My bro's got a girlfriend?!". Bea tells Oscar that that's great, and Oscar tells the two that his girlfriend is really nice, and she likes all the things that he likes. Bea asks Oscar what her name is, making Oscar yell "What?!". Bea asks him again what his girlfriend's name is. Oscar looks around for ideas for names, and spots a door and says "Door" and Bea says "You mean Doris?". Oscar says yes, and points to the floor and says "Floor-es", before saying his 'girlfriend''s name, 'Doris Flores Gorgeous', the girl of his dreams, after saying it's the girl in his head. Bea asks him if she's always sending him love letters, Milo asks him if she bakes him delicious love treats and then Bea asks him if they talk for hours on the phone. Oscar agrees, saying that they do romantic junk. Later on, Oscar rushes into his tank holding card and pencils in his fins. He makes the card into heart-shaped pieces, drawing dots on them with the pencils. Oscar puts on some lipstick and kisses the letters, which have notes from 'Doris Flores Gorgeous' on. Oscar places them on the door mat, and swims off. Milo enters and asks who's love letters are on the floor. Oscar swims up and asks Milo how his letters from 'Doris Flores Gorgeous' got there. Later on, Oscar pours flour into a bowl and cracks an egg into the bowl too. Oscar quickly whisks the mixture up and places it in the oven. A few seconds go by, and the timer on the oven beeps. Oscar opens the oven to reveal that there is a bunch of roses on a plate with some iced biscuits. Milo tells Oscar off, saying that he's going to spoil their dinner. Oscar apologizes, saying that he's just eating the sweets that 'Doris Flores Gorgeous' made for him. Later on, Oscar swims up to a phone outside, and dials the phone number for his and Milo's tank. Oscar swims off. In their tank, Milo asks why the phone is ringing, and asks why the phone is ringing. Oscar swims up to the phone and says that he's got it. Oscar picks it up, saying "Hey, Doris Flores Gorgeous! You want to talk for hours you say?", while Milo gives him the fins up. On Thursday, Jocktopus bounces a basketball against a statue outside of Freshwater High, while inside Milo looks at the pipe which he inserted his head into. On it, there is a note saying "CAUTION DO NOT INSERT HEAD". Bea then turns to Milo and asks if he's seen Oscar today. Milo tells Bea that he's probably with Doris Flores Gorgeous. Bea asks Milo if Oscar and Doris are getting quite serious, to which Milo replies yes. Bea asks Milo what kind of best friends don't know nor have met their other best friend's serious girlfriend. Milo tells Bea "Bad best friends", to which Bea adds on: "Terrible best friends". Oscar swims up to the two, wearing a green sweater, which has a light green heart in the middle, with the text "I'm Dating Doris" on it. He tells the two to check out the sweater. Then, Milo swims up to Oscar and grabs his sweater, saying "Tell us about Doris!". Oscar says "What?" and Bea grabs Milo and pulls him away. Bea says that Milo is trying to say is that the two want to know more about 'Doris'. Oscar asks the two what they want to know about Doris, with Milo asking him what she looks like. Oscar starts by saying that Doris is five fish feet tall, she has shiny gold hair, big, beautiful red lips and a red dress to match, and she's got a heart shaped birthmark on her arm. Oscar concludes by saying that she's all purple. Milo says wow, and tells Oscar that he can see Doris in his head now, however Milo's interpretation of the description Doris is different to Oscar's. Bea asks Oscar when do they meet Doris, and Oscar yells "NEVER!". Oscar says that he means that Doris lives in Fish Niagara Falls, and they can't visit each other any more because bus fare prices got really expensive. Bea then says that Doris must miss him so much. Oscar says that she does, and every day at noon she waits at the falls, hoping that someday bus fare prices will fall, so the two can see each other. Bea says that that is so tragic, and Milo wails. Oscar says yeah, and suddenly becomes happy again and tells the two that he should go. Oscar says bye and swims off. Bea tells Milo "Poor Oscar and Doris. Torn apart by expensive bus fare." Milo tells Bea that they can't let this happen, and they have to get Oscar and Doris back together. Bea asks Milo how are they going to do that. Later on, Oscar is knitting a blanket which reads "DORIS MADE THIS". Milo and Bea crash into the tank with a truck. Oscar screams and asks Milo and Bea what they are doing. Bea says that they are there to reunite Oscar with 'Doris Flores Gorgeous'. Milo tells Oscar that if they leave now, they will get to Fish Niagara Falls by noon. Oscar asks the two if they are crazy, and asks where they got the truck. Bea tells him that Bo Gregory, who floats into the tank, lent it to them. Bo says that he uses the truck to haul dirt, but they can use it to haul love. Bea says thanks to Bo, who floats off. Oscar tells the two that he appreciates what they are doing, but before he can finish, Milo tells Bea to grab his tail. Bea grabs Oscar's tail and the two carry him into the truck.

"It's nothing serious, Oscar, it's just dating. I guess you can say that I'm still looking for that certain fish that fits me just right."[edit]

Oscar and Doris kiss.

As they make their way to Fish Niagara Falls, Bea, Milo and Oscar scream and woo, and they pass a sign which says "Fish Niagara Falls: 1 Mile" in the truck. Oscar's scared expression is stuck, and Bea tells Oscar if this is so romantic, and that she is going to write a pop song about this. Milo says that he can have a flute solo. Oscar tells the two that he thinks they need to go back, because he really, really needs to go to the bathroom. Milo then hands Oscar an empty jar and Oscar thanks Milo awkwardly. Everyone then gasps, with Oscar smiling. Bea shouts "Milo!", and the truck halts, the view from the windshield being a "DANGER" sign. Oscar happily says "Oh, well", thanks the two for trying, and says that they should turn around and go home. Milo tells Oscar that Doris is just over the other side of the unfinished bridge waiting for him. Oscar agrees, but says that the bridge is out, unless they try to jump it, which Oscar says they are not going to do. Bea then holds fins with Oscar and says "For Doris Flores Gorgeous". Oscar "huh"s, and then Milo holds fins with Oscar as well as says "For Doris Flores Gorgeous". Milo puts the wooden foot down on the accelerator, and speeds up. Bea and Milo continue to say "For Doris Flores Gorgeous", as the truck approaches the bridge and smashes through the danger sign. The truck is launched over the gap in the bridge, and arrives on the road. The truck spins around, while Bea, Milo and Oscar scream. The truck hits the guard rail, and halts. Milo looks out of the window and shouts that they're here. The three get out of the truck and swim towards the guard rail. Bea looks upon the falls, and is wowed by it. Bea says that it's so beautiful, and then Milo spots a barrel and asks if someone's ever tried to fit their head in a barrel before. Bea tells Oscar that before Doris gets there, she wants to say how happy she is for the two of them, and that it's really hard to find someone they really like. Oscar says that she is always finding guys that she really likes, and then Bea says that it's nothing serious, as it's just dating. Bea guesses that Oscar can say that she's still looking for the certain fish that fits her just right. The two smile, and then the clock chimes. Bea says that Doris is going to be there any second, and Milo says that he's getting all "excitedy". Oscar says that there's something he needs to tell the two - Doris isn't coming to meet him. Bea asks Oscar why, and Oscar says "Doris Flores Gorgeous isn't r-", and then is interrupted by a voice saying "I'm here, my love". Everyone loves at the falls, and Doris Flores Gorgeous floats out of the clouds. Oscar floats, shocked, and his eyes grow bigger. Oscar continues to look straight at Doris, and then Doris comes up to him and says hello romantically. Awkwardly, Oscar says hi as well. Bea is excited and says that this is so great. Bea pushes Milo away, saying that they need to give the two some privacy. Doris says that she never thought this day would come. Oscar says "Me neither". Doris says that she dreamed about Oscar every night, and waited for him every noon. Oscar says that to be perfectly honest, he was pretty sure he made her up in his head. Doris tells Oscar to tell her if he thinks this is real - a kiss. Oscar tells her that he guesses she is real, and says that it makes the next thing he says all the harder. Oscar tells Doris that even though she is the fish girls of his dreams, he doesn't think they're right for each other. Oscar says that he sort of freaked out when everyone at Freshwater High started dating, and he thought he just made her up. Oscar says that he's trying to say that he's waiting for that certain fish that fits him just right, while eying Bea, who is yawning and scratching her behind. Oscar says goodbye to Doris, and floats off. Doris is left floating sadly, and then unzips herself, to reveal that it was Clamantha dressed up as Doris. Clamantha says that she told Oscar that he would get that kiss someday. Clamantha uses her tongue as a helicopter rotor blade and flies off. Bea asks Oscar if everything's OK, and Oscar says that everything's great, and that they should go home. Bea asks where's Milo, and then they both gasp and look at the top of the falls, where Milo is in a barrel. He falls down the waterfall, and Bea and Oscar look over the guard rail at Milo. Milo shouts "Ow!". On Friday at Freshwater High, Oscar is packing the 'gifts from Doris' from his locker into a box labeled "Doris' Stuff". Bea swims up to Oscar and says hi, and Oscar says hi as well. Bea asks Oscar if he wants to grab some food from the Hokey Poke after school. Oscar asks Bea if she has another date that afternoon, and Bea says that she did, but she decided to give her date a raincheck, because she wanted to hang out with her friends. Milo comes up, in a full body cast, wheels up in a wheelchair and says that he's in, because he can't do anything else. Bea and Milo laugh, and so does Milo - but ends up in pain.


Snake and Mouse play football in their tank, but the football ends up in Snake's stomach. Mouse: Girls don't play football, She-Dork. We're too delicate. Snake: Yeah, we do. Kick it to me. Mouse: There's no room in here! Snake: C'mon, kick it, I dare ya! Kick it, kick it, kick it, kick it, kick it, kick it! (Mouse grunts. The football slides through Snake's body, and hits Mouse to the wall.) Snake: Yay, 1 point for you! End


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[In the Freshwater High hallway, after Oscar tells Bea and Milo that he has a girlfriend.]
Bea: What's her name?
Oscar: What?!
Bea: What's your girlfriend's name?
Oscar: You wanna know her name? It's er...[looks over at a door] er, Door!
Bea: You mean Doris?
Oscar: Yeah, Doris! Doris...[looks down at floor] Floor-es. Yeah, that's it, that's her name! Doris Flores Gorgeous! The girl in my head. I mean, of my dreams!


  • This episode gathered 3.94 million viewers when it premiered on Disney Channel.

Voice Credits[edit]

Chelsea Staub as Bea
Kyle Massey as Milo
Justin Roiland as Oscar
Maxwell Atoms as Bo Gregory & Hugh Edmonson
Alex Hirsch as Clamantha
Tiffany Thornton as Doris


  • When Milo says yes to Bea's question in the middle of the episode, the right part of his face has no black line on the edge of it.
  • The truck halts in front of the "DANGER" sign, however, later on, the truck speeds towards the bridge and smashes through the sign. Milo must have reversed the truck and then accelerated towards the bridge, otherwise, the truck wouldn't have made it over the unfinished bridge.
  • When the truck is launched over the gap in the bridge, the tank with the road and the first part of the unfinished bridge is MUCH smaller than when the truck was drove through it.
  • The truck bumps into a guard rail at Fish Niagara Falls, and from the next shot onwards during the Fish Niagara Falls scenes, the truck can't be seen next to the guard rail.
  • In one scene which Doris is in, the heart-shaped tattoo is underneath her arm.

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"Doris Flores Gorgeous"
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"Underwater Boy"
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