Doris Flores Gorgeous (character)

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Doris Flores Gorgeous
Doris Flores Gorgeous.JPEG
Doris as how Oscar imagines her in his mind.
Animal: Siamese Fighting Fish
Gender: Female
Hometown: Fish Niagara Falls
Friends and Family
Love interests:
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
  Doris Flores Gorgeous
Voiced by:
Tiffany Thornton
Alex Hirsch (Clamantha in costume)
Doris kissing Oscar.PNG
Doris Flores Gorgeous (Clamantha in costume) kissing Oscar.

Doris Flores Gorgeous was Oscar's made-up girlfriend, but he was shocked when she came to life. It was revealed that Clamantha dressed up as her just to kiss Oscar. However, she is seen in the show's title sequence.

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