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Characters in "Fish Hooks".

Main characters[edit | edit source]

The following characters have appeared in every episode of "Fish Hooks".

Picture Name Description
Milo - opening sequence.JPEG Milo - Oscar - opening sequence.JPEG Oscar - Bea - opening sequence.JPEG Bea Goldfishberg
{Bea loves acting and is really quirky}

Other major characters[edit | edit source]

The following characters have appeared in most of the episodes of "Fish Hooks".

Picture Name Description
Clamantha.png Clamantha A crazy clam who goes to Freshwater High. She has an insane, obssessive crush on Oscar. Clamantha gives out "Pearls of Wisdom" and is the yearbook editor in the school.
Jocktopus with nerd fish balloons.png Jocktopus Vandenbush The school bully. With eight arms and lots of muscle, Jocktopus loves beating up other people. However, underneath all the meat, there is a heart and brain of Jocktopus.
Mr. Baldwin telling Milo that he's late again.PNG Mr. Baldwin Freshwater High's homeroom teacher. Mr. Baldwin is not a good teacher, unfortunatly. As a pregnant male seahorse, he sees himself as the long-suffering victim of a life and failure.
Bud.JPEG Bud Bud is the lazy owner of Bud's Pets, the store in which the fish live in. He is known to the fish as "Big Blue". (Note: Despite appearing in every episode's opening, Bud is considered not a main character because he mainly appears in the opening. He has made appearances during several episodes.)

lol #kimmy[edit | edit source]

Picture Name Description
Shellsea.JPEG Shellsea the sexiest hottest girl in the school and she loves loves dates and boys Shellsea is into makeovers, and dances.
Albert Glass.JPEG Albert Glass The nicest fish in school who knows answers to everything. Albert was pushed ahead two grades since he is so clever. Always seen with Jumbo, Albert makes an easy target for bullies.
Jumbo Shrimp.JPEG Jumbo Shrimp The best friend of Albert who is a hall monitor at Freshwater High.
Coach Salmons.JPEG Coach Salmons Freshwater High's P.E teacher and health instructor. Coach Salmons is a great motivator, however, he may use the expression "nutrition pyramid" a bit too often.
Mr. Mussels commenting on the performance.PNG Mr. Mussels The drama teacher at Freshwater High with a loud and frightening voice.
Ms. Lips.png Ms. Lips The clumsy guidance counselor at Freshwater High.
Bo Gregory.png Bo Gregory The farming-obsessed student at Freshwater High.
Finberley with cupcakes.png Finberley The often-injured fish who loves hanging with the girls. She likes cheerleading for the school football team.
Esmargot.png Esmargot The sickly snail Freshwater High student who leaves a trail of slime wherever she goes.
Koi.png Koi A sweet fish who can only speak through grunting, who looks like a normal teenage fish with weight issues.
Dan and Ann Chovie.png Ann and Dan Chovie The freaky twins at Freshwater High.
Hugh Edmondson.png Hugh Edmondson The posh French Freshwater High student who teaches equitte.
Randy Pincherson.png Randy Pincherson The evil, snobby, sarcastic, and mischievous crab who attends Freshwater High. Randy is often involved in shady business deals.
Piranhica.png Piranhica The sexy girlfriend of Jocktopus, who often helps Jocktopus with his bullying.
Steve Jackson.png Steve Jackson The most popular and sexy boy at Freshwater High. Who loves shellsea and would die if she found out. Stickler and Fishington.png Principal Stickler and Nurse Fishington Sticker is the principal of Freshwater High, and Fishington is his assistant.
Headphone Joe.png Headphone Joe The Freshwater High janitor who always listens to his headphones.
Snake and Mouse.png Snake and Mouse A Rattlesnake and a Field Mouse who live together in the opposite of the fish tank who always comment on their adventures. Bea's parents.png Norman and Mrs. Goldfishberg The over-caring parents of Bea Goldfishberg.

stupid characters[edit | edit source]

Characters that have appeared in more than three episodes, but cannot be considered a recurring character.

I 200px I Wander I A Freshwater High student who plays a banjo. I}
Picture Name Description
Dr. Frog.JPEG Dr. Frog The crazy woodshop Bog Frog teacher at Freshwater High.
Dumpy Muffins.png Dumpy Muffins The small octopus who is a hall monitor.
Chief.png Chief The often angry owner of the Hokey Poke Diner.
Pass, Punt and Fumble.png Pass, Punt and Fumble Pass, Punt and Fumble are Jocktopus' henchman and help him with his daily bullying.
Angela.png Angela Fishburger Angela is head of the debate team of Saltwater High School, and the girlfriend of Oscar.
Bassy.JPEG Bassy Bassy is the sexy waitress at the Hokey Poke Diner, and works alongside Chief.
Barb.JPEG Barb Barb is the owner of Fish Flakes Incorporated, and seems to be involved with the Fish Mall as well.
Pamela Hamster.JPEG Pamela Hamster The TV star, sexy, and famous celebrity who lives in Hamsterwood. She is the former girlfriend of Milo.
Kevin.JPEG Kevin A former member of Milo, Bea and Oscar's friendship circle, who got set back a grade.
Hoodie.png Hoodie A Freshwater High student who plays the guitar.