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Gags in "Fish Hooks".

Opening gags[edit | edit source]

Bud's Pets sign gag[edit | edit source]

The sign outside of Bud's Pets changes in every episode.

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Episode Text Image
Bea Stays in the Picture Used Cameras Bud's Pets Bea Stays in the Picture gag.png
Fish Sleepover Party Sleepwear
Fish Out of Water Television Repair
Doris Flores Gorgeous Dating Service
Underwater Boy Bottled Water
Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus Free Gift Wrapping
Bea Becomes an Adult Fish Daycare
Doggonit Home Insurance
Queen Bea Tiaras
Fail Fish Tutoring
Funny Fish Practical Jokes
Baldwin the Super Fish Comics
Dances with Wolf Fish Cleaning Supplies
Hooray for Hamsterwood Headshots
The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish Swords Bud's Pets The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish gag.png
Milo Gets a Ninja Kung Fu Lessons
Dropsy! Medical Supplies
Fishing for Compliments: The Albert Glass Story Friendship Bracelets
Big Fish Gym
The Dark Side of the Fish Candle-abras
Dollars and Fish Career Advice
Fish Floaters Hardware Store
Flying Fish Flight School
Two Clams in Love Computer Repair
Peopleing Catch of the Day
Legend of the Earth Troll Recycling Center
Parasite Fright UFO Supplies
Pamela Hamster Returns Amateur Puppetry
Riding in Cars with Fish
Milo's Big Idea
Good Morning, Freshwater
Diary of a Lost Fish
We've Got Fish Spirit Pom Poms
Run, Oscar, Run
Good Times at PuPu Goodtimes Cotton Candy
Oscar Makes an Impression
Fish School Musical Stage Moms
Employee Discount
Halloween Haul
Fish Talent Show Inflatable Legs

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Episode Text Image
Sixteen Clamandles Birthday Wishes
Send Me an Angel Fish Good Cries Bud's Pets Send Me an Angel Fish gag.png
Science Fair Detective Mystery Meddling Kids Bud's Pets Science Fair Detective Mystery gag.png
Guys' Night Out Bachelor Parties Bud's Pets Guys' Night Out gag.png
Bea Sneaks Out Party Party Party
Busy Bea: Rise of the Machines Tex Mechs
So-fish-ticated Neckties
Milo and Oscar Move In Stomach Relief
House Keeping
2nd Hand Filters
Oscar is a Playa Swag Bud's Pets Oscar is a Playa gag.png
Little Fish Sunshine Cheese Logs
All Fins on Deck Eye Patches
Cattlefish, Ho! Cow Patties
Brothers' Day Brotherly Love
Unfinished Doll Business Exorcisms
Exorcisms 1/2 Price
Milo's Magical Shake Inter-ventions
Spiders Bite Hawgs
Principal Bea Fruit Cups
New Beginnings
Fish at Work Executive Decisions
Chicks Dig Vampires Blood Trans-fusions
Werewolf Supplies
Fish Lips Sink Ships Mexican Food
Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy Monster Movies
Fish Flakes Hunky Calendars
Good Mornings
Bea's Birthday Surprise Cartwheels
Get a Yob! Mush
Super Extreme Grandma Games to the Max Adult Diapers
Koi Story Lies
Fish Prom Formal Wear

Bud gag[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Season 2[edit | edit source]

  • "Sixteen Clamandles" - Bud is sitting on the floor watching a candle on a cupcake.
  • "So-fish-ticated" - Snake and Mouse drive a car under Bud, who falls off the line of string he is balancing on just in time to let the car under him.
  • "Cattlefish, Ho!" - Bud looks at himself in the mirror while wearing cowboy boots.
  • "Milo's Magical Shake" - Bud plays with a paddle and a ball, but the ball falls off the string and ends ups smashing one of the front windows.
  • "Fish at Work" - Bud does cartwheels in a gymnastics outfit. He crashes into something.
  • "Fish Lips Sink Ships" - Bud walks along with a plunger, and then runs off before several plungers are thrown. They stick to the fish tanks.
  • "Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy" - Bud comes along, and like a monster, he kicks a dog kennel, smashing it to pieces. He roars and walks off.
  • "Fish Flakes" - A ladybug on Bud's nose crawls to his hat, shoots out a wire and swings off.
  • "Bea's Birthday Surprise" - Like a video game, Bud is on the floor trying to shoot the pets in the air while the pets try to shoot him. Bud pops after a few hits.
  • "Get a Yob!" - Bud is dressed up as a bird and he puts a worm into his mouth to feed some baby birds.
  • "Super Extreme Grandma Games to the Max" - Bud knits a jumper with wool coming directly from a sheep. When the jumper has been knitted, the sheep jumps on Bud.
  • "Koi Story" - Bud rolls across the store on a barrel.
  • "Fish Prom" - Bud is dressed up in a suit waiting for a limo.

In episode gags[edit | edit source]

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Chow-wow![edit | edit source]

Chow-wow! gag.png

A 3-D shot of Shellsea appears in several episodes as she speaks and in the shot, someone voiceovers, saying "Chow-wow!". The gag appears in:

Finberley's injuries[edit | edit source]

In several episodes, Finberley has an injury - the most common getting one of her teeth kicked out by Milo. This is a list of injuries and episodes it appears in:

Injury Episode
Finberley's tooth kicked out "We've Got Fish Spirit"
"Employee Discount"
Finberley's arm stuck in a door "Oscar is a Playa"

Close-up of Nurse Fishington's face[edit | edit source]

A close-up of Nurse Fishington's face appears in several episodes.

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