Tank Bounce

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Tank Bounce
Tank Bounce menu.JPEG
The opening menu for the game.
Release date:
April 2011
Playable characters:
Collectable objects:
Balloon Power-ups
Several different tanks

Tank Bounce is the sixth "Fish Hooks" online game. The aim of the game is to bounce Freshwater High students to the safe tank.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Freshwater High bullies are catapulting the students (and faculty) into different tanks. You must play as Bea, Milo or Oscar to bounce the characters into the safe tank. To get powerups, the character that has been catapulted must land on a balloon, which is floating down into the tank. To get extra points, the character must land on a star. There are 6 levels in this game, four of which have the same objective, and two of which have a different objective. In the first two levels you must bounce at least 1 character into the safe tank; the last four levels you must bounce at least 2 characters into the safe tank.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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