Fish Out of Water

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"Fish Sleepover Party"
"Fish Out of Water"
"Doris Flores Gorgeous"
"Fish Out of Water"
Fish Out of Water.png
Season: 1
Production code: 101b
Broadcast number: 3
Story by:
Justin Roiland
Written & Storyboarded by:
Alex Hirsch
Ian Wasseluk
Directed by:
Maxwell Atoms
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel premiere:
September 24, 2010
Disney Channel (UK) premiere:
Septembre 30, 2010
Disney XD premiere:
March 13, 2011
Paired with
"Fish Sleepover Party"
"Bea Stays in the Picture" (production)
Story arc(s)
"Bea Sneaks Out"
"Ugly! Yeah you, you big ugly fuzzball."

Even after he's told that he's a selfish fish, Milo ignores Bea and Oscar and shoots himself outside of the tank. Now the three of them are stranded in the pet store and must face the wrath of the store cat, Wilford. It's up to Milo to put his selfishness aside and save his friends from sudden death.

Episode Summary[edit | edit source]

"Selfish fish? Me? Me? Me? Me? Me? Me? Me? Me? Me?"[edit | edit source]

On Thursday Night, Wander is sleeping in his bedroom and Sylvia is sleeping in her prison cells. In Freshwater High, Bea is telling Clamantha that up until now, everyone has know her as "Bea", an average, mild-mannered goldfish, but after she tries out for the school play, everyone will see her as "Bea Goldfishberg, actress superstar!" Clamantha tells Bea that she thinks she'll do great, and she will help her with a little "Pearl of Wisdom". Bea agrees, and Clamantha starts acting like she's choking, gathering attention from other students in the class. Clamantha then spits a pearl out at Bea. Bea rubs her head and thanks Clamantha, not knowing what to say. Clamantha immediately shouts "I'm a Clam!". Bea taps on Oscar's shoulder and asks Oscar if he's coming to her audition. Oscar, while Bea was talking to Clamantha, was drawing a picture of him and Bea, titled "Bea ♡'s Oscar 4-EVA". Oscar shouts "What?!" and trembles as he looks down at the drawing. Bea asks Oscar if that is a drawing of the two, and picks it up. She only looks at the drawing for a brief moment before Oscar shouts "No!" and he snatches the drawing off her, then tears the picture up above his head. Oscar tears it up while laughing crazily, before breathing heavily, leaving Bea confused. Mr. Baldwin then enters the room, and tells everyone to settle down, as he is going to do the roll call. Everyone groans, and then (mostly) everyone answers the register in their own way. Mr. Baldwin calls Milo's name, but he is not in his seat. Mr. Baldwin asks where Milo is, and then the tank rumbles. Bea and Oscar smirk, and an eel enters the tank. Mr. Baldwin screams, and the eel roars, pushing Milo out of the eel's mouth. Milo shouts "Here!", and falls to the floor. He coughs, and everyone cheers. Milo is told by Mr. Baldwin that he's late again, but Milo doesn't listen and tells Mr. Baldwin that he will never guess what happened to him this time - he was swallowed by an eel. Milo begins to tell his story - he was in the bathroom eating a sandwich, and wonders what happened to his fork. Mr. Baldwin interrupts Milo, saying that it can't be about him all the time. Mr. Baldwin tells Milo that he thinks he has problems, and then announces that he's pregnant, much to the shock of the class (apart from Clamantha, who laughs at him). Mr. Baldwin tells him that he probably didn't know that male seahorses could get pregnant, and neither did he, but he explains that "life happens". He says that Milo will have to decide between being a fish, or being a selfish-fish. Milo questions being a selfish fish, and at home later that day, while blocking the TV, he asks Oscar repeatedly whether he's selfish or not. Concentrating on his video game, he tells Milo that he loves him, but he's a little selfish, and also that he is blocking his game. Milo spots Bea in the corner of the tank, and tells her to stop what she's doing. Milo, while acting like he's pretty, asks Bea if he's selfish. Bea holds up her fingers, and forms them like saying "a tiny bit". Milo tells the two that he can't believe they think he's selfish, but he's been planning an awesome adventure for them, and holds up a magazine with advertisement for watersuits. Milo tells the two to check the ad out, and Bea asks Milo what they need watersuits for. He tells them that they will be going - outside the tank. Bea reminds Milo that she's got her audition, so Milo tells Bea that there's no time for watersuits. He swims over to a table where there is a bowl of popcorn. He tips the remaining popcorn out, and puts it on his head. Milo swims to the top of a water spout tube, causing Oscar and Bea to try and stop Milo, by yelling "No." He waits for the water spout to start spouting out water, and Milo is launched out of the tank. Next to the tank, he exclaims "I can fly!", and then falls to the floor of Bud's Pets, smashing the bowl on his head. Milo calls for help, and back in the tank, Oscar and Bea look at Milo and scream at each other (with an addition from Milo). Bud doesn't take any notice to Milo, as he is spraying bowl tanks. Back in the tank, Oscar asks Bea what they should do, and he bits his fin. Bea picks up the magazine and tells Oscar that they need to get some watersuits. Milo struggles to breathe on the floor of Bud's Pets. Bea calls the company that delivers the watersuits, and she asks for three watersuits, with Oscar adding that they want the fastest delivery possible. Less than a split second later, the doorbell rings and there is a FinEx Delivery employee at the door. Both Oscar and Bea cheer, with the employee also cheering a few seconds later. Oscar and Bea suit up, and are in the water spout tube together. Oscar suggests that they hold hands for safety reasons, causing Bea to tell him to man up. They are launched out of the tub, and fall to the floor of Bud's Pets. Bea lands safely, holding the extra watersuit for Milo, on a dog's chew toy, bouncing softly. Unfortunately for Oscar, he falls flat on his face. Bea worriedly shouts "Milo!", who is attracting flies while trying to breathe. Bea grabs Milo and straps him into the watersuit, which sprays him with water. Milo breathes heavily at first, and laughs slightly. Raska Boosh escapes out of his home.

"Oh, my gosh! Something's coming! Something's coming!"[edit | edit source]

Bea asks Milo if he's alright, which causes Milo to check his body. Milo can't see anything, and just explains that if there's brain damage, he can't feel it, while knocking on his head, creating a hollow sound. Oscar tells Milo that he screwed up, much to a rebuttal from Milo, saying that he didn't screw up. Milo explains to Bea and Oscar that they're outside the tanks, just like they always talked about. Bea tells Milo that she's going back inside the tank to work on her audition. Milo begs Bea to stay, and explains to her that exploring will give her valuable life experiences that can help her with her acting. Bea tells Milo that he's right, because many actors have life experience. Oscar tells Bea to not let Milo sell her on it, with Milo trying to get Oscar to stay by showing Oscar all of the new 'levels'. Oscar looks at some of the tanks, which turn into video game sprites through his eyes, which makes him yell "Sold!". Milo asks who's with him, and groaning, both Oscar and Bea agree. "Friends" plays while Bea, Milo and Oscar explore the pet store while Bud is asleep in his chair. They make fun of a piranha, jump on dog chew toys, and photos are taken of Oscar and Bea in front of a 'giant' chair, Oscar infront of a spider, and Milo near a box of rat poison. Also, the three play in a hamster cage, run away from a turtle, who is 'fastly' approaching them. The three do a "Friends" pose at the end of the song. The three laugh, and then an alarm on Milo's watersuit sounds. Milo then says "Eyes", and water is sprayed on everyone's eyes. Afterwards, they continue to laugh before Milo asks them if they saw how fun that was. They both say "Well...", causing Milo to want their continuations of the sentences. Bea admits that it was incredible, and Oscar asks Milo if he saw how big that chair was. Milo announces that they will now get Bea to her audition, but they are stalled by a loud, thumping noise. Oscar spots the shadow of a head approaching them, and all panic as Oscar announces that there's something's coming. Most of the animals start making 'screaming' noises, and the something's shadow casts itself upon Bea, Milo and Oscar. They all look up to reveal that a cat is staring into space. In the shadow of the cat, the three fish stand still. A fly flies onto one of the cat's eyes, with no attention from the cat. Milo suggests that 'it' could be friendly, and then the cat roars, causing all of them to scream. The cat's identification tag confirms that it's name is Wilford, as it thumps its feet while walking. Milo halts for breath, and then Bea shows him a hamster ball. The fish scurry into the hamster ball, and Oscar places the door on it. Wilford pounces on the ball, causing it to bounce. Milo is launched out of the hamster ball, and lands on a table with toys on them. Wilford swipes the hamster ball underneath the cupboard, but it is too big to fit underneath the cupboard, and Bea and Oscar fly out of it, and land on the wall. They slide down to the floor. Wilford, from the other side of the cupboard growls at the fish and tries to get them by reaching its leg underneath the cupboard. Bea and Oscar hug each other, and Oscar tells Bea that if this is the end, he needs to tell her something. Bea asks Oscar what it is about, and Oscar says that he wants to tell Bea that he's a plumber, much to Bea's surprise, even causing her to ask Oscar "Excuse me?". Oscar tells Bea that she's the princess, and it's like they are both in this big video game, and the plumber is trying to get to the princess, but there is always this monkey in the way who is throwing barrels, and he is just wearing a tank top. Bea asks Oscar what he is talking about, and he replies with "I don't know". Afraid of what Oscar is about to say next, she shouts for help. Milo is listening and watching what Wilford is doing, saying to himself that Oscar and Bea is in trouble, and that it is his fault. He then slaps himself (causing a tooth to fall out) after he says "Why?" thrice. Milo shouts to Bea and Oscar and tells them to hang in there, as he is going to do something. Milo grabs a bag of Cat Nip and throws it on Wilford, causing his eyes to expand. He becomes more angrily and swipes at Oscar, who was trying to escape, and runs towards Bea at the end of the cupboard. Milo admits that that was a bad idea. Milo grabs a Kitty Pointer, and shines the laser on the floor. Milo keeps moving the laster around, but drops it on the floor, and it points at Oscar, causing him to scream and Wilford to swipe angrily again at him. Oscar tells Bea that this it the end, and he hugs her. Oscar strokes her hair, much to confusion by her, and says "Bea, I think you're really -" , but is interrupted by Milo, who says "Ugly" before Oscar can say "Pretty". Both of them are taken aback by this, and discover that Milo said that, who is now dangling from a piece of string. Wilford, angry at Milo's insults, approaches him. Oscar and Bea fret underneath the cupboard and before Wilford can go for Milo, he moves out of the way and Wilford's head gets stuck in a cat bed nest. Milo hangs from a little fishing pole toy, which is on the table. Oscar tells Milo that he totally saved her and Oscar's lives. Milo tells the two that it's what he does, and Oscar tells Milo that Baldwin was wrong, with an addition from Bea, saying that he is un-selfish. Milo realizes that the two are right, and calls for a cuddle-puddle, which is him jumping on Bea and Oscar. Bea and Oscar try to persuade Milo out of cuddle-puddling, but he goes ahead with it anyway. Raska appears and sees Bea, Milo and Oscar, it was revealed he was born as Elmer Raskawitz.

"Wow, what a entrance! But you're missing that little special something..."[edit | edit source]

Bea strains herself, and her watch starts beeping. She holds the watch up, and it says "RIGHT NOW", making her realize that the audition is right now. Bea tells Milo and Oscar about this, and then says that they will never make it to the tanks in time. Milo has a plan though - to dangle from a piece of string held on a fishing pole toy, which is held by Oscar and Bea infront of Wilford's face to make him run towards the tanks. Milo screams while this is happening, but manages to spot the tanks ahead, and tells Bea and Oscar to look. In the Freshwater High auditorium, auditions are taking place for the play. Albert Glass finished his audition and he is listening to Mr. Mussels, the drama teacher, comment about it. Mr. Mussels tells Albert that he didn't get the part, but he shouldn't dare give up on his dreams, and that someday he will be on Fish Broadway for 'reals'. Albert says that he is scaring him, and cries as he floats off. Mr. Mussels checks his list, which has on it the auditioning fish. After Albert, it is Bea's audition, and he shouts for hear. Outside the tanks, Milo tells Bea to hold on, as Oscar stands still with Milo, causing him to be still while Oscar is dangling him. Wilford lowers his legs and pounces for Milo. But, Oscar holds fishing pole toy up, causing Wilford to jump. Luckily, the cat jumps near a tank, and as Wilford falls to the floor, Bea, Milo and Oscar fall of the cat and into a tank, while Wilford tries to reach for the fish. Wilford falls to the floor, and walks off. All of the fish hit a Fish Food canister, and Milo is the first to hit the container, his watersuit falling off in the process. Milo screams as he falls into a seat next to Mr. Mussels in the Freshwater High auditorium, landing up-side down. Bea spins around as she falls, and so does Oscar. Oscar then lands in the seat next to Milo's and Bea gives a perfect landing on stage. Mr. Mussels is pleased with the entrance, and yells "What an entrance", but he then proceeds to say that it was missing a little 'special something'. Then, the Fish Food canister falls over, spilling Fish Flakes into the tank. Raska chases Bea and Milo and Oscar. As the Fish Flakes float over Bea, Mr. Mussels cheers and tells someone to call the police, as Bea just stole the show, and exclaims that she got the part, as Oscar swims over to her. Bea squeals and tells Oscar that she got the part, while she holds fins with him. They both laugh, and Oscar blushes. Raska doesn't watched where he was going and falls down into the floor and then Wilford ate him. Milo swims on stage, dazed, asking the two what he missed. Bea tells Milo that they did it, and hugs the three. Bea exclaims that Oscar and Milo are the best friends a girl could ever have. Milo then says no, because Oscar and Bea are the best friends a girl could have. The three, including Mr. Mussels, do another "Friends" pose. Oscar tells Mr. Mussels that the three are trying to have a friend-group-thing, just for the three friends only. Mr. Mussels says that it's no problem and that friendship is important and drops down. The three do a final "Friends" pose, together. Outside the tanks, Bud discovers a mess, who he thinks was caused by Wilford, who he chases off with a broom.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This episode gathered 3.019 million viewers in the US when it premiered on Disney Channel.
  • This episode reveals Bea's last name - Goldfishberg.

Goofs[edit | edit source]

  • When Milo is echoeing "Me", there is only him and Oscar in the fish tank. Later, Milo asks Bea, who is reading a book in the corner, if he's selfish.
Fish Out of Water promo 5.jpg
  • In a promotional image, there are several errors, most of which are the same. This scene did not appear in the episode, although there was a similar one.
    • It looks like Bea has a double standing behind her, as part of her body has been extended. Also, her headband has disappeared.
    • Oscar has two fins on each side of his body, and on the right side of his body, there is a curved line going from his belt to his eyes, like there is a double standing behind him.
    • Milo also has two fins on each side of his body, and on the right end of his body where the end of his face is, there is a line going down from his face to the belt, like there is a double standing behind him.
  • When the 'camera' zooms in on the tanks, Bud instantly stops and freezes until the 'camera' zooms fully in on the tanks, and then he is out of shot.
  • When the 'camera' pans over the tanks from Freshwater High, the tank in which Pass and Fumble are in is slightly bigger than the usual rectangular-shaped tank. There is a line going down the tank, and one quarter of it is brighter than the other three quarters of the tank, and in the three quarters part, the tank's bottom is going 'downhill'.
  • Bea reminds Milo that she's got her "auditions", but she only had one audition.
  • Milo smashes the bowl when he is launched out of the tank, but in a later shot where he is struggling to breathe, the smashed bowl pieces have disappeared.
  • When Bea and Oscar are launched out of the tube, there is no extra watersuit for Milo launched with it, but when the scene cuts to an outside shot of the tanks, the extra watersuit can be seen launched out of the tank.
  • It seems strange why the alarm for water to be sprayed on Bea, Milo and Oscar's eyes only sounded on Milo's watersuit. It should have sounded on Oscar and Bea's watersuits as well, unless it was set on theirs to not go off, and it was just set to go off on Milo's.
  • Bea does not wear a watch until 08:10 into the episode. At 08:15, it disappears.
  • Also, the "RIGHT NOW" on Bea's watch does not appear until she puts her arm up.
  • After Milo's watersuit falls off him, it falls into the tank. However, in the tank it is not there.
  • When Bea hits the container, she does not actually hit it at all. She hits an 'invisible ring' round the canister instead.
  • As Oscar spins around in the tank, he only has one eye.
  • Bea should have landed in the tank before Oscar, as she fell into the tank before he did.

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