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Yearbook Office

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The Yearbook Office is a room in Freshwater High, where Clamantha collects the yearbook picture photos and puts them in the yearbook. To enter the photo storage compartment, a password must be entered.

When Bea thought that her school photo didn't turn out as good as she thought, she asked for a retake, but Clamantha - the yearbook editor, did not allow her to take one. So, Bea and Milo snuck into the office and entered the password "OSCAR", which was given to the two by Oscar when he was on a date with Clamantha and he told her how pretty she was. Once getting through the many obstacles, Bea and Milo found Bea's picture - which was perfect. ("Bea Stays in the Picture")

Later, Clamantha is seen cutting Shellsea out of the yearbook photos in an office completely different to the one Milo and Bea snuck into. ("Fish Talent Show")


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