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User:Phinbart/Correspondence with Noah Z. Jones

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This is my correspondence with Noah Z. Jones.

My email (18 March)[edit]

Hi, Noah,
I'm Phinbart, the founder of the Fish Hooks Wiki on ShoutWiki.
If you're not too busy, could you answer some questions for me please:
Is there any merchandise coming out for the show, like DVDs or Books? - There's been a internet rumour about a DVD coming out in August.
Is Milo and Oscar's surname really "Fishtooth"? - There's been alot of internet rumours about this.
Is Bea's Dad called "Norman"?
How many episodes are there in Season 1 and 2?
What's the name of the Hippie Fish, the Yellow Fish with the Orange Cap in the online game Freshwater Bounce, and the fish in "Milo Get's a Ninja" that doesn't go to Freshwater High?
Is there going to be any more online games?

Thanks for taking time to read this, and I hope to receive an answer soon. 

Keep up the good work on the show!

Noah's Email back (30 March)[edit]

Hey there Phinbart!

Sorry for the late response. I get nine million emails a day and sometimes it takes me a while to respond. Here are some answers…

-There's no DVD coming out yet. I don't know about merch yet, but it seems likely that their will be some at some point. 
-'Fishtooth' is NOT their last name. 
-'Norman' is Bea's dad. I do his voice on the show. Woo!
-22 episodes in both (I think, I may need to double check that)
-They don't have names. 
-There are more games in the works, I just tested a new one out on Monday!

Thanks for the questions, I'm always happy to answer them, but don't be shocked if it takes a while. 
Thanks for watching!