U + Me = Luv

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Brandon Bubbler on his latest music video, "U + Me = Luv".

U + Me = Luv is a music video which stars Brandon Bubbler. The music video was produced by Bubbletown Records. It was shown once on a TV in the Hokey Poke Diner.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Brandon Bubbler: Sho-tay, you know how I do,
I'd like to dance with a girl like you.
So sho-tay, don't let my dream unravel,
Come with me, we'll kick it on the dance gravel.
I got a case of L-U-V, you see,
I'm like O-M-G.
Sho-tay, wanna be with me?
F-I-S-H to the L-U-V!

Appearances[edit | edit source]