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Traffic Jam/Transcript

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"Traffic Jam/Transcript"

This is a transcript of the short "Traffic Jam".

Opens on a view of the tanks. The view fades into a view of several vehicles in a queue. It cuts to a shot of Clamantha and Mr. Baldwin both in their vehicles. Mr. Baldwin is banging hard on the horn.
Mr. Baldwin: Ugh, you gotta be kidding me.
He takes off his seatbelt and exits his vehicle, leaving the door open. Clamantha is the first car he passes; inside Clamantha is banging her head against the horn. He approaches Headphone Joe's vehicle.
Headphone Joe: [singing] Yeah, come on, let's go!
Mr. Baldwin passes Mr. Mussels on his motorcycle.
Mr. Mussels: Yeah, [unintelligible]
Mr. Baldwin passes a car containing Steve Jackson, Finberley, Esmargot and Shellsea. Koi grunts thrice. He passes Bo Gregory's truck.
Bo Gregory: I don't much like waiting, non.
Mr. Baldwin reaches Milo, Oscar and Bea, who are all riding a hermit crab.
Milo: Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it!
Mr. Baldwin: You three. [unintelligible]
Milo: Here it comes! Aieeeeeeeeeeeeee!
The hermit crab lifts its legs up from the ground and starts moving.
Milo: Yeah!
Milo and Oscar together: Woo-hoo!
The two, plus Bea, laugh.
Bea: Yeah!
The three continue celebrating by yelling "Yeah!", "Woo-hoo" and by laughing. The traffic slowly starts moving. Cut to a shot of Mr. Baldwin's face.
Mr. Baldwin: Ugh, [unintelligible]
He becomes startled and turns around to find that the hermit crab has stopped moving - and so has the traffic, in a shot of the three on the hermit crab and Mr. Baldwin watching.
Milo: Wait for it, wait for it!
Oscar: Oh, man, I really need to get a driver's license.
The screen cuts to the series logo.
Narrator: Fish Hooks!
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