The Fish Hooks

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The Fish Hooks is a band that was originally going to be the main part of the original concept of Fish Hooks.

Members gallery[edit | edit source]

Image Name Description
Fish Hooks Band Milo.png Milo The leader of the group and the one who always had a zany scheme to get the group's next big gig.
Fish Hooks Band Ichabod.png Ichabod (aka Icky) He's a wild and crazy troublemaker.
Fish Hooks Band Rooney.png Rooney The jerk of the group who thinks he should be leader.
Fish Hooks Band Gumbo.png Gumbo The cool guy, and the one the ladies are always after.
Fish Hooks Band Wanda.png Wanda The super talented and streetwise one.
Fish Hooks Band Uncle Sam and Tour Bus.png Uncle Sam The manager of the band. He transformed his old ice cream truck into the band's tour bus and lives vicariously through the kids.

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