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Space Crab: Captain of the Stars II

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Space Crab: Captain of the Stars II is the unofficial sequel to Space Crab: Captain of the Stars. The main character is Johnny Space Crab.

Some of the Freshwater High students filmed part of it, and performed part of it live at the Finerama. Only part of it was filmed, because the students planned to reveal the ending to the only crab in the audience, Randy Pincherson, to get back at him for revealing the ending of Wizards in Da House III to everyone in the audience who had only watched the beginning of the film. When Oscar, who planned to reveal the ending, realized how much the movie meant to Randy, he went backstage and told the students who filmed it to perform the rest of the movie. At the end, it was revealed who Johnny Space Crab's father was. The students offered to make Randy a third movie, but Randy had to promise to never spoil anything again. Randy agreed, and the students produced a trailer for the third movie.


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