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Snake and Mouse (1997 film)

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Snake and Mouse is an American TV movie of the show "Fish Hooks". It is created by Craig McCracken, produced by Craig McCracken, Ben Joseph, written by Craig McCracken, Mark Ackland and directed by Dave Thomas, Craig McCracken.

==Movie Summery== Mouse tells Snake that she would challenge her to some carnival games and Snake tells her she doesn't. Mouse wants to block suns, but Snake's Warmth-Generating Group Hugs are the worst. Mouse also wants to melt icecaps but Snake's Pool Party Planets are the worstest. The Doom Dragons blow a rainbow instead of fire to help Snake for good. Mouse is saved by Snake's tail. Her last line is "Thanks." at the ending the episode.


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==End Credits== Snake and Mouse make too much animal sounds.


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Mouse: Hey, Snake, what if you challenge me to some carnival games? Snake: Then you. Play. The games.

Mouse: Well maybe, what if we block out the sun? Snake: Warmth, generating group hug! Mouse: How about we melt our icecaps? Snake: Pool Party Planet!

Snake: Now, we have an army of Doom Dragons! We're gonna die, Mouse! Mouse: Thanks.


  • This is the first episode where Snake and Mouse take up the whole plot of the episode. * This was the first episode where they have dialogue.
  • The part where Mouse mentions Snake disguising herself as the alien princess.
  • Mouse says, "If we attack with Doom Dragons, we're just gonna show up and tame them with the power of love or something gross like that" which is a reference to the episode Camp Camp.
  • This is the first episode where a character blushes (specifically Mouse).
  • The ending image pretty much mirrors the promotional image except for the Smiling Mouse in the background.
  • This is probably the first episode in which we see a character dance on the show.
  • If you look closely, you can actually see Snake's tail under the princess before Mouse reveals that the Princess was Snake in disguise.


  • Second time Mouse thinks of ways that Snake is all that.
  • Second episode where Snake and Mouse play minor roles.



  • '"Beauty and the Beast'" - The hug is paroied as BelleBeast's Hug.
  • '"Max and Ruby'" - Wander says "Pool party planet"' when Max says that in the 3 episodes "Blocked Sun; Melted Icecaps; Destroyed Crops".
  • '"Sleeping Beauty'" - Lord Hater said "Banjo" when Maleficent said "Banjo" to her Hogs.

Production Information[edit]

  • This episode was revealed on MSN TV listings
  • The pose of Snake and Mouse standing triumphantly while Snake holds up her banjo is the same pose as one of the promotional posters for the show's premiere.
  • The "Ode to Joy" banjo song was recorded by Andy Dick overdubbing his voice 15 times to sound like a full choir.

International Premieres[edit]

  • June 27, 2014 (Disney XD Brazil and Latin America)


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