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Snake and Mouse/Transcript

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(Opens Snake and Mouse's terrarium) (Cut to Mouse sitting on a chair) Mouse: Hey, Snake, what if you challenge me to some carnival games? Snake: Then you. Play. The games. (Cut to Mouse's gasp) (Cutscene where Snake and Mouse are outside of their terrarium) Mouse: Well maybe, what if we block out the sun? (Cut to Snake and Mouse all frozen) Snake: Warmth-generating group hug! (Mouse and Snake hug each other, melting the snow and ice) Mouse: How about we melt our icecaps? (Cut to Snake kicking the water in the sink) Snake and Mouse: Pool Party Planet! (Cut to Snake and Mouse running away screaming from the roof) Snake: Now we have an army of Doom Dragons! We're gonna die! (Cut to the Doom Dragons blowing a rainbow instead of fire, happy instrumental music playing, Snake as the Happy Snake and Mouse as the Smiling Mouse) Mouse: (her last words) Thanks. (Snap to black)

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