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Pinchertron 3000

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Bea using the robot.

The Pinchertron 3000 is a robot that is designed to fit any fish on top of it and control its arms and legs, invented by Randy Pincherson.

When Bea Goldfishberg broke her fin, she relied on the robot so she could do her daily activities without her cast getting in the way. However, Bea later discovered that Randy had a remote, and he later used it to make Bea go on a date with Randy at Le Pincherson. Milo, Oscar, Jumbo Shrimp and Albert Glass went to save Bea, with disastrous results. While Randy went around insulting the four while they struggled to form a shape to defeat the robot, Bea got the remote and pressed the button on it. She thought that the button would release her - it instead blew the robot up. Bea, Randy, Milo, Oscar, Jumbo and Albert ended up in hospital. ("Busy Bea: Rise of the Machines")


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