Parasite Fright

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"Legend of the Earth Troll"
"Parasite Fright"
"Pamela Hamster Returns"
"Parasite Fright"
Parasite Fright.png
Season: 1
Production code: 115b
Broadcast number: 27
Story by:
Jackie Buscarino
Written by:
Jackie Buscarino
Justin Roiland
Storyboards by:
Jackie Buscarino
Justin Roiland
Directed by:
Bill Reiss
Carl Greenblatt
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel premiere:
April 29, 2011
Disney Channel (UK) premiere:
July 2, 2011
Disney XD premiere:
September 19, 2011
Paired with
"Pamela Hamster Returns" (production)

When Milo watches a horror movie about fish getting fish brain parasites, and refuses to go to sleep, as he thinks the parasites will get you if you sleep. The next day, Milo looks around for fish brain parasites in the students and faculty, and when he sees Albert Glass after drinking a green smoothie and putting on sunglasses, his imagination overcomes him, and thinks he has been infected by parasites. Albert chases Milo around Freshwater High, but Principal Sticker shows Milo a way to rid the parasites out of fish: drain the tanks of their water.

Episode Summary[edit]


Snake: Check it out, Mouse, I got everything I need to be famous! Sunglasses, a sweet hairdo, and the one thing every celebrity needs, a tiny pet to put in my purse! Mouse: What? You don't have a tiny pet in there! Sure I do, take a look! Mouse: Hey! (Fans all talking at once) Snake: Take a look at this! Mouse: Aw, what's wrong with you people? She's a snake in a wig! Snake: Now, now, that's enough, Fifi! (Fans begin talking again) End


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  • The Lunch Lady from "The Dark Side of the Fish", is replaced by Eelya the Lunch Lady.
  • After Bea left Milo and Oscar's tank, she strangely swam to the left of the screen. She probably went over the tanks, as she didn't go through the doors leading to her tank. Although, she could have gone through the doors when we didn't see her.
  • It is strange how in this episode, when the statue in the tank rises in the water, all the water goes down underneath it, and in "Fish Sleepover Party", the statue rose to the top of the tank, and nothing happened, and there was no plug on anything underneath the statue to let the water go. However, that drain underneath the statue could have been built AFTER the events in "Fish Sleepover Party". Also, when Milo lifts the statue in "Big Fish", the water doesn't go down the drain. However, this outcome could be the same as the "Fish Sleepover Party" error.


  • Esmargot was sat at her seat in the classroom, however moments later when Bea and Oscar swim down to the cafeteria, Esmargot is seen marking snail goo over the stones.
  • The colour of "2" on the cover of the Rainbow Pony Picnic Land 2 DVD changes between shots.

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"Pamela Hamster Returns"
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"Parasite Fright"
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