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I Dares Ya!

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Pamela Hamster with two contestants and the mystery object.

I Dares Ya! is a Hamsterwood-based TV show, in which hamsters eat a mystery object for prize money, usually H$10,000. The show is hosted by Pamela Hamster and produced by Mr. Nibbles.

In the episode in which Bea Goldfishberg was the mystery object, the two contestants, Greg and Nancy were to be given H$ 10,000 if they ate the mystery object. When Bea's friend, Oscar tried to untie Bea from the rope, he ended up being the second mystery object and Greg and Nancy's prize money was raised to H$20,000. However, before Bea and Oscar could be eaten, she pretended to have a fake disease called The Ick, causing all the hamsters in the studio to flee in case it was contagious. This incident was featured on a news channel.


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