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Funny Fish

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"Fail Fish"
"Funny Fish"
"Baldwin the Super Fish"
"Funny Fish"
Funny Fish.png
Season: 1
Production code: 105b
Broadcast number: 11
Story by:
Tim McKeon
Tim McKeown
Written by:
Qwerty Cvbnm
Storyboards by:
Craig McCracken
Noah Z. Jones
Directed by:
Chuck Jones
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel premiere:
November 27, 2010
Disney Channel (UK) premiere:
January 22, 2011
Disney XD premiere:
February 20, 2011
Paired with
"Fail Fish"

"Oscar, I want to see you in my tell you about the award ceremony...which I present to you with the most popular student award!"
―Principal Stickler

Oscar decides he should develop a better sense of humor since everyone else finds things funny when he doesn't. He starts laughing at everyone, including Jocktopus when he falls down in the hall.

Episode Summary[edit]



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  • This episode was scheduled to air on Disney Channel US on November 19, 2010, but pushed to November 20th and eventually November 27th. Also, when the January 2011 schedule for Disney Channel US was released, the episode "Milo Gets a Ninja" was paired with "Funny Fish". Underneath, it says that "Funny Fish" premiered November 19th. Disney Channel US may have not noticed that the episode premiered 8 days after the written premiere.


  • When Oscar turns around to find Jocktopus behind him, he continues laughing then stops. The laughter continues for a second after Oscar has closed his mouth and turned around.
  • The trophy Oscar received for being the Most Popular Student had a statue of a man with a tennis racket on top of it.

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