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Freshwater Fish Hooks vs. Tetra Tech Titans

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Freshwater Fish Hooks
vs. Tetra Tech Titans
Held at: Freshwater Football Bowl
Final score: Home 07-06 Visitors
Freshwater Fish

Freshwater Fish Hooks vs. Tetra Tech Titans was a football game that was held at the Freshwater Football Bowl. The game was interrupted by Hank, Oscar, Bea Goldfishberg and Milo. There was only one injury - the referee swallowed his whistle.


Freshwater Fish Hooks
Tetra Tech Titans
Scored 7 points
Scored 6 points
Final score: 07-06

The game[edit]

Hank threw the ball first, and it ended up on the ground infront of him, angrying the other players. Hank threw the ball once again, this time into a Tetra Tech player's hands. The player touchdowned, and Hank was then pelted with apples. He swam over to a bench and started crying. Oscar comforted him. Hank and Oscar hugged, with Oscar thinking that Hank was Bea Goldfishberg. Bea then arrived with lawyers to put an end to the supposed "no girls allowed" policy. Coach Salmons said the reason he didn't let Bea on the field is because she didn't have a helmet, making everyone in the football bowl say "Oh!". Hank gives Bea his helmet, and Hank says that he only wore the football uniform because he wanted to cover his enormous shoulders. Clamantha then puts his shoulders to good use - holding up the other cheerleaders. A player from the Tetra Tech team said they would just wait while the timer ran out. Coach told Bea to suit up, and Bea threw the football up into the air. A Tetra Tech player said that he got it, before Bea pushed him out of the way and kicked the football over the football post. The Freshwater Fish Hooks won the game.


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