Fishminster Abbey

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Fishminster Abbey is a large church in London, Fish England.

The Queen of Fish England's marriage to the Duke was supposed to have been held there, but Oscar, having put on an impression of the Queen, is mistaken to be the Queen and was taken to Fishminster Abbey to be married. When the Duke arrived, he could not find the altar, so Milo dressed as the Duke. Just before Oscar and Milo were about to be married, Mr. Mussels stormed in and demanded that he married the Queen. The officiant said that the Duke and Mr. Mussels could engage in a rap battle, and whoever won would get to marry the Queen. Mr. Mussels won the rap battle, but just before they were about to be married, the proper Queen ordered for Oscar and Milo to be outside at that moment. Outside, Milo and Oscar apologized to the Queen - but the Queen was just a wax sculpture Bea got from Madam Burton's Wax Museum. ("Oscar Makes an Impression")

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