Fishing for Compliments: The Albert Glass Story

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"Fishing for Compliments: The Albert Glass Story"
"Big Fish"
"Fishing for Compliments: The Albert Glass Story"
Reaching for the top of the toilet bowl.JPEG
Albert Glass, Milo and Oscar hanging from Bea who is trying to reach the top of the toilet bowl.
Season: 1
Production code: 109a
Broadcast number: 18
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel premiere:
January 29, 2011
Disney Channel (UK) premiere:
March 18, 2011
Disney XD premiere:
September 6, 2011
Paired with
"Dropsy!" (production)

Everybody seems to like Bea, with the exception of Albert Glass. Bea tries to win him over, but when she fails to succeed in getting him to like her, Shellsea gives Bea some tickets to the Swirlys game. At the game, Bea, Albert, Milo and Oscar fall in the toilet and get caught in the roller derby. They must swim together to get back to the top, avoiding the Swirlys.

Episode Summary[edit]

"I don't like you!"[edit]

Everyone says "hi" to Bea on her way to class. Oscar says that everyone seems to like her. In class, Mr. Baldwin is pretending to be a hippie in hope that someone will hand him tickets to the toilet bowl roller derby. Albert starts giving out birthday cupcakes. Everyone in class receives one, except for Bea, because Albert doesn't like her. Milo and Oscar take Bea out of class, as Mr. Baldwin resumes talking hippie-like. Back at Milo and Oscar's tank, Milo is trying to get the perfect picture for the toilet bowl roller derby, by being the satellite dish. Bea asks why Albert doesn't like her, and Oscar says that he likes her. Bea is disappointed when Milo says that the two of them hang out with Albert all the time. Bea recites the saying that her mother tells her every morning. Then, Milo comes up with an idea: Bea should hang out with Albert so he can see what a sweet and kind person she is. Bea says that it's a good idea and she could kiss Milo. Oscar says that he helped with the idea too, not missing out on Milo's victory.

Helping Albert and Telling the Story[edit]

When Albert tries to open a can of juice, Bea volunteers to help him, but he swims away. At lunch, Bea brings a homemade violin for Albert. At the screechy sound of it, his head cracks and his eyes, brain and hair swim away. Later, Bea helps Albert with carrying his books. Bea swims up to him and says that the two are now friends, but Albert says all she did was be polite and open the door for him. Then, he swims away. Bea tells Shellsea and Koi what happened with Albert, and tells Shellsea that she doesn't like Albert and wants him to like her. Bea stays that if things keep going the way they are then she's going to go "crazy!". Shellsea tries to calm her down and get Bea to think. Shellsea thinks of an idea: to take Albert to the toilet bowl roller derby with the tickets she got. Bea swims away, and Shellsea is proud of "her little girl".

The Toilet Bowl Roller Derby[edit]

At the water testing tank, Albert goes inside one of the tubes to nap. He is interrupted by the doorbell, in which Bea comes swimming in. She shows him the tickets and Albert says he doesn't want to go. Bea uses a handcuff to get Albert next to her. At the toilet bowl roller derby, the announcer calls for the teams to begin. Bea asks Albert if it is fun being there. She tells Milo and Oscar to be quiet. When Milo jumps onto Bea and Albert, he slips and breaks the handcuffs. Milo tells Albert to run as he's free, while holding down Bea. Albert slips and falls into the toilet. Bea dives into the toilet to save him. As they reach for the toilet bowl top, Milo and Oscar also dive in to same them. Bea knocks fish as she reaches the top, but the head Swirlie blocks all of them. The fish is knocked into the toilet bowl, and blocks the toilet, making Bea, Milo, Oscar and Albert float to the top. All of the fish boo to Bea, but she doesn't care, as she has friends that like her, including herself. Suddenly, Albert says to Bea "I like you", and says that he didn't like her before because she was desperate for everyone to like her. He asks her if she would be his friend, and as Bea shakes hands with him, Albert puts on the handcuffs. All of them laugh, then fall in the toilet, as they can't breathe.



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  • This episode was originally set to air Friday January 28th, 2011, but the airdate was changed to January 29th a few days before broadcasting. This change was probably made because Disney didn't want to compete against Nickolodeon's new highly-promoted SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Albert wears a wig.


  • Albert has two birthday cupcakes after giving some to the class. They are yellow and green. When Albert sits down at his desk, they are both pink.

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"Fishing for Compliments: The Albert Glass Story"
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