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Fish Hooks Wiki is a encyclopedic wiki, focused on the Disney Channel series, Fish Hooks, founded on November 7, 2010.




Fish Hooks Wiki was founded on November 7th by Phinbart.

Featured pages[edit]

On December 16, 2010, featured articles, episodes, images, quotes started being shown on the main page.


ShoutWiki crash[edit]

On March 14, 2011, ShoutWiki's server crashed and editing was resumed on May 1, 2011. This barely affected Fish Hooks Wiki, although we lost over 20 articles, as every article, image, edit etc. created between March 7th and March 14th had disappeared.


The 100th, the 200th and the 300th articles were created.

Six months online[edit]

On May 7, 2011, Fish Hooks Wiki celebrated six months online.

Another ShoutWiki crash[edit]

Another crash happened, which lasted about half a year. Fish Hooks Wiki lost some articles.


Yet another Shoutwiki crash[edit]

ShoutWiki had another crash and Fish Hooks Wiki lost all its articles since ShoutWiki came back online in January. The wiki became editable again in June.


The 400th, 500th and 600th articles were created.