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Episodes debuted internationally

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This is a list of episodes that have debuted outside of the United States of America.

Episode Country of debut Airdate Days between debut and US debut
"We've Got Fish Spirit" Poland May 21, 2011 48 days
"Riding in Cars with Fish" Latin America June 17, 2011 1 day
"Fish School Musical" United Kingdom September 16, 2011 7 days
"Milo on the Lam" Canada October 9, 2011
"Sixteen Clamandles" December 16, 2011
"Unfinished Doll Business" Japan May 26, 2012 77 days
"Fish Lips Sink Ships" Malaysia October 17, 2012 9 days
"Bea's Birthday Surprise"
(listed on local TV listings as "The Sour Life Of Milo & Oscar In A Hotel")
"Get a Yob!" October 19, 2012
"Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy" October 22, 2012
"Fish Flakes"
"Fish Prom" Asia (excluding Malaysia) November 13, 2012
"Koi Story Malaysia December 7, 2012
"Super Extreme Grandma Games to the Max"
"Fish Prom" December 8, 2012
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