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Fish Hooks premieres in the United Kingdom are aired in blocks. So far, ten blocks have aired and 73 episodes have premiered.


Preview and Block 1[edit]

A listing in Sky Magazine for the Fish Hooks premiere.

The first episode, "Bea Stays in the Picture" premiered on Disney Channel during Camp Rock 2 Premiere Night - on September 17, 2010 as a sneak peek at Fish Hooks. The first block of new episodes premiered on November 6 with "Fish Out of Water". During the first block, a boxset of episodes was released on Sky Anytime. One of the episodes was "Underwater Boy", which at the time of the boxset release, had not premiered on Disney Channel. Over the Christmas period, there was no new episodes until January 8, 2011. Block 1 ended on January 29, 2011 with "Baldwin the Super Fish". During this block, new episodes ran on Saturdays only.

Block 2 ("Tank Fish It's Friday!")[edit]

Just over a month after Block 1 ended, Block 2 started in the form of weekly Friday new episodes, alongside new episodes of other shows in a promotion named "Tank Fish It's Friday!". Every Friday in March 2011, two episodes would air, one airing 55 minutes after the other (excluding March 4). Two days before the block started, episodes "Milo Gets a Ninja", "Dances with Wolf Fish", "Hooray for Hamsterwood" and "The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish" were released on a boxset on Sky Anytime. The first two episodes in the block, "Milo Gets a Ninja" and "Dances with Wolf Fish" aired in widescreen. Before the channel broadcast in widescreen later that year in the fall, only movies would air in the widescreen format. However, these two episodes had been sent to international networks in the same way - in widescreen. Every Disney Channel in the world who had not changed to widescreen would broadcast these episodes in widescreen.

Block 3[edit]

Almost three months after Block 2 ended, Block 3 started on June 11, 2011. This time, new episodes would air on Saturdays and Sundays. The episode "Pamela Hamster Returns" was accidentally scheduled on the same day as "Parasite Fright" was due to premiere. It aired late in the afternoon as "NEW". The date which the episode should have premiered, July 9, it aired as "PREMIERE". "Good Morning, Freshwater" aired on July 10, 8 days after the US premiere. Block 3 finished on July 17, 2011.

Block 4[edit]

Nearly two months after Block 3 finished, Block 4 started. Disney Channel had switched to the new logo and the widescreen format on September 1, making the premiere of "We've Got Fish Spirit" on September 9 be the first time Disney Channel would broadcast a Fish Hooks premiere in proper widescreen. Only 4 episodes would premiere during Block 4, three would premiere in HD; Disney Channel switched to HD on September 15. On September 16, "Fish School Musical" aired, one week before its United States premiere. There was no premiere on September 23; Block 4 finished on September 30 with two new episodes.

Block 5[edit]

In November 2011, Block 5 started. It began on November 5 with "Milo on the Lam", which did not premiere in the United States until 2 months and 1 day later. It had premiered in October in Canada. It ended on November 27 with "Adventures in Fish-Sitting".

Block 6[edit]

Block 6 began in March 2012, the first block of 2012. The new episodes aired at 7:45am, then the earliest time new Fish Hooks have aired in the UK. The previous blocks (excluding Block 2) have had new episodes air during 9am-10am. It continued from where Block 5 left off, premiering "Banned Band" on March 10. On March 11, "Milo on the Lam" aired as a "premiere", however it premiered in Block 5. The block ended on April 1 with "Oscar's Secret Admirer".

Block 7[edit]

Block 7 began in August 2012, and new episodes aired from August 13 - August 17, with episodes airing at 7:20am, the earliest time new Fish Hooks have been broadcast, a feat last held by Block 6. It continued from where Block 6 left off, but with "Science Fair Detective Mystery" not airing. This is the only block of new episodes to air without any promotional advertisements at all, apart from the promotion for "Science Fair Detective Mystery". "Halloween Haul" aird alongside "Milo on the Lam" on August 15, despite "Milo on the Lam" having already premiered. However, this is not classed as a new episode by Digiguide, possibly because the second part ("Milo on the Lam") has already premiered. It is unknown whether "Halloween Haul" has premiered unannounced before the episode's "August 15 premiere". All episodes in Block 7's week of new episodes gathered below 110,000 viewers.

The episode "Science Fair Detective Mystery" premiered on August 24, 2012, as part of Disney Channel UK's Whodunnit Friday.

Block 8[edit]

Block 8 continued from where Block 7 left off. New episodes started again on September 8, 2012 and new episodes premiered every Saturday from then onwards at 7:45am. The first episode that premiered in the block was "So-fish-ticated". For some reason, Disney Channel skipped "All Fins on Deck" and "Cattlefish, Ho!" and aired "Little Fish Sunshine" then the next Saturday, "Brothers' Day".

Block 9[edit]

Block 9 began with the premiere of "Merry Fishmas, Milo". A listing for the episode appeared on Digiguide in November 2012, when the premiere date for the episode was unknown. It was confirmed around December 9, 2012, that "Merry Fishmas, Milo" would premiere on December 21, 2012 at 2:45pm (GMT) as part of Disney Channel UK's 'End of Term Christmas Party', later changed to the 'Christmas It Up! Party'.

Listings for "All Fins on Deck" and "Cattlefish, Ho!" (listed as "Cattle Fish Ho!") appeared on Digiguide around December 22, 2012. In late December 2012, it was confirmed that "All Fins on Deck" would premiere January 12, 2013 at 7:45am, and new episodes aired Saturdays from then onwards. However, LocateTV listed "Cattlefish, Ho!" in the 7:45am slot on February 2, 2013, which indicated that new episodes stopped after "Milo's Magical Shake".

Block 10[edit]

Block 10 began on April 6, 2013 at 7:15am with "Unfinished Doll Business", and new episodes air every Saturday and Sunday. Block 10 ended on April 21, 2013 after airing six episodes.


Episode Airdate
Preview and Block 1
"Bea Stays in the Picture" September 17, 2010
"Fish Out of Water" November 6, 2010
"Fish Sleepover Party" November 13, 2010
"Doris Flores Gorgeous" November 20, 2010
"Underwater Boy" November 27, 2010 Note
"Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus" December 4, 2010
"Bea Becomes an Adult Fish" December 11, 2010
"Doggonit" December 18, 2010
"Queen Bea" January 8, 2011
"Fail Fish" January 15, 2011
"Funny Fish" January 22, 2011
"Baldwin the Super Fish" January 29, 2011
Block 2
"Milo Gets a Ninja" March 4, 2011
"Dances with Wolf Fish" March 4, 2011
"Hooray for Hamsterwood" March 11, 2011
"The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish" March 11, 2011
"Fishing for Compliments: The Albert Glass Story" March 18, 2011
"Dropsy!" March 18, 2011
"Big Fish" March 25, 2011
"The Dark Side of the Fish" March 25, 2011
Block 3
"Dollars and Fish" June 11, 2011
"Fish Floaters" June 12, 2011
"Flying Fish" June 18, 2011
"Two Clams in Love" June 19, 2011
"Peopleing" June 25, 2011
"Legend of the Earth Troll" June 26, 2011
"Parasite Fright" July 2, 2011
"Pamela Hamster Returns" July 2, 2011
"Riding in Cars with Fish" July 3, 2011
"Good Morning, Freshwater" July 10, 2011
"Diary of a Lost Fish" July 16, 2011
"Mascotastrophe" July 17, 2011
Block 4
"We've Got Fish Spirit" September 9, 2011
"Fish School Musical" September 16, 2011
"Good Times at PuPu Goodtimes" September 30, 2011
"Oscar Makes an Impression" September 30, 2011
Block 5
"Milo on the Lam" November 5, 2011
"Milo's Big Idea" November 6, 2011
"Run, Oscar, Run" November 12, 2011
"Employee Discount" November 13, 2011
"Fish Talent Show" November 19, 2011
"Bea's Commercial" November 20, 2011
"Hairanoid" November 26, 2011
"Adventures in Fish-Sitting" November 27, 2011
Block 6
"Banned Band" March 10, 2012
"Break Up Shake Down" March 17, 2012
"Just One of the Fish" March 18, 2012
"Rock Lobster Yeti" March 24, 2012
"Spoiler Alert" March 25, 2012
"Bea Dates Milo" March 31, 2012
"Oscar's Secret Admirer" April 1, 2012
Block 7
"Sixteen Clamandles" August 13, 2012
"Send Me an Angel Fish" August 14, 2012
"Halloween Haul" August 15, 2012
"Guys' Night Out"
"Bea Sneaks Out" August 16, 2012
"Busy Bea: Rise of the Machines" August 17, 2012
"Science Fair Detective Mystery" August 24, 2012
Block 8
"So-fish-ticated" September 8, 2012
"Milo and Oscar Move In" September 15, 2012
"Oscar is a Playa" September 22, 2012
"Little Fish Sunshine" September 29, 2012
"Brothers' Day" October 6, 2012
Block 9
"Merry Fishmas, Milo" December 21, 2012
"All Fins on Deck" January 12, 2013
"Cattlefish, Ho!" January 19, 2013
"Milo's Magical Shake" January 26, 2013
Block 10
"Unfinished Doll Business" April 6, 2013
"Fish at Work" April 7, 2013
"Fish Lips Sink Ships" April 13, 2013
"Bea's Birthday Surprise" April 14, 2013
"Chicks Dig Vampires" April 20, 2013
"Get a Yob!" April 21, 2013

Broadcast schedule[edit]

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Preview and Block 1 Preview only
Block 2
Block 3
Block 4
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7 (Week of new episodes)
Block 7 ("Science Fair Detective Mystery" only)
Block 8
Block 9 ("Merry Fishmas, Milo" only)
Block 9 (Rest of new episodes)
Block 10

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